People are reminiscing after discovering way to see your first-ever likes on Instagram

‘Screaming and crying looking at the first posts I liked on Instagram’

Meredith Clark
New York
Friday 01 April 2022 21:31 BST

People are taking a walk down memory lane by finding, and sharing, the first posts they ever liked on Instagram.

An Instagram update allows users to view their interaction history on the app, including every post, comment, or story reply they’ve liked or sent since downloading the social media platform.

Since the app launched in 2010, our Instagram feeds have reflected some of the biggest cultural moments throughout the years. Before social media influencers could build careers off of carefully curated profiles, Instagram was a place for highly-saturated photos, food shots, and fan edits. Plus, who can forget Instagram’s original camera-themed logo?

Now, people are sharing the amusing, and cringey, posts they first liked on the app to commemorate a time when Instagram was taken less seriously.

“I did the thing on Instagram where you can see every post you’ve ever liked and oh my god I forgot this was what the world was like when I first joined instagram,” tweeted one user, alongside screenshots from a Hunger Games edit and aesthetic hipster posts.

“The first post I ever liked on instagram was a 1D fan account,” shared one person. “I’m not surprised”.

Another person wrote: “Just found the first post I ever liked on IG,” alongside a screenshot of a decade-earlier outfit inspiration photo.

“I miss when Instagram was like this,” tweeted someone else. “My first ever likes on the app circa 2012 (10 YEARS AGO).”

How do you find the first Instagram post you liked? Luckily, you won’t have to scroll for hours.

To find the likes, begin by opening the app and tapping on your profile page. Click on the three lines at the top right of the screen, go to Your Activity, and tap on Interactions. From there, Instagram gives you three options to view, including comments, likes, and story replies. After selecting an option, click on Sort & Filter from oldest to newest and tap Apply.

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