Jameela Jamil says she chose ‘the most inappropriate’ moment to come out as queer

'Timing aside. Better out than in,' actor says

Sarah Young
Tuesday 11 February 2020 16:29 GMT
Jameela Jamil comes out as queer following backlash to casting

Jameela Jamil has broken her silence on social media for the first time since coming out as queer at an “inappropriate” moment.

Last week, the Good Place star was at the centre of criticism after it was announced that she had been cast as a judge and MC on an upcoming HBO voguing competition called Legendary.

Jamil’s involvement in the programme sparked some backlash online, with several people sharing their belief that those cast in the show should have connections to the ballroom scene and LGBT+ community, from which voguing originates.

Following the criticism she received, Jamil released a statement on Twitter outlining that she identifies as queer.

Now, the actor has released a second statement in which she has admitted her “timing was bad”.

Describing the events as a “perfect clusterf***” on Instagram, Jamil wrote an extended caption alongside a selfie that had the word “f***” written across it.

“The sequence of events was insane, a misunderstanding was left uncorrected for too long, and misinformation spread too far, too fast” she wrote,

“Then my timing was bad, and in a moment of distress and pain, personal things were blurted out because when you have a secret for decades and you’re traumatised, it always feels like it might just f***ing burst out of you at any given moment, even the most inappropriate and unfortunate ones.”

Jamil then joked that her followers should never have to feel embarrassed about their own journey because she has “PEAKED FOR ALL OF US!”

She continued to thank her fans for “the thousands of messages of kindness” and personal letters she had received from people coming out to her privately.

“I don’t take it lightly and am happy for you that you felt ready to tell even one person,” Jamil wrote.

“Don’t feel bad for hiding it for as long as you need, and move at your own pace. But feel no shame about getting it off your chest and know you aren’t alone. There is a huge community of people who understand you, respect you and stand with you.”

The post has since been liked more than 190,000 times and received hundreds of comments from people offering their support.

“You’re so bold and inspirational even in your darkest moments. Thank you so much for being a good role model for another young queer brown girl,” one person wrote.

Another added: “So much love for this and for all you’re doing.”

However, a third person commented that they believed Jamil should still step down from her role in the HBO show, writing: “I still think that you should give your position on Legendary to someone who is more involved and connected with the ballroom scene!

“I’m not blaming you for taking the job but when you hear that transgender people have been wronged and disregarded when they have so much experience in the scene, only because they don’t have the following that you have, then you gotta do something sister! [sic]”

Jamil replied to the user, explaining that she is just a “small part of the show”.

“I only signed on because they hadn’t managed to sell the show for two years even though it’s SO amazing,” she wrote.

“Megan [Thee Stallion] and I jumped on board to make sure it got made, because it is 90 per cent ballroom talent on and off screen. We are just here to bring our followings to the show, and to support and celebrate these talented and inspiring people.

“We really are a small part of the show, and when people see it, they will see that.”

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