Influencer Jessica Asquith hilariously pranks her grandmother with Miss World UK audition

An influencer brings her grandmother to tears with laughter in a hilarious video for their joint Instagram account

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Friday 03 May 2024 02:22 BST
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Influencer Jessica Asquith pranked her grandmother Norma with a fake Miss World UK audition - with hilarious results.

In a viral video posted to both her page and the joint account she shares with Norma, Asquith starts the video by informing viewers that her good friend Nick entered her into the beauty competition, Miss World UK. She added that she and the team had been in touch, and asked her a few questions, so she decided to address them on camera.

“So the first question is, can you tell us about your daily diet and exercise routine?” she started off the round of questions with her grandmother listening in the background. “So as you can probably tell from my slim physique, I don't eat any junk food at all.”

Norma froze in place as she couldn’t believe what she was hearing, meanwhile, Asquith continued, saying: “All I eat is like vegetables and greens. Every morning I make myself like a really healthy smoothie. And I put in it like ginger, lemon, carrot, celery, kale. I don't eat chocolate. I don't eat refined sugar. I don't eat any additives or artificial colours or flavourings.”

As her grandmother continued to be flabbergasted by what she was saying, the influencer decided to up the ante. Through her own laughter, she added, “Everything is totally natural. And I even get my water from rainwater and puddles. So that I really like at one with nature.”

This is what leads Norma to break and begin to hide her laughter with her handkerchief. Her granddaughter switched topics, speaking at length about her exercise routine, which Norma silently shook her head about in the background in scepticism.

“So I do actually have an exercise bike in my living room and treadmill in my bedroom and I've got some weights in my bathroom,” the influencer jokingly continued, looking back as her grandmother clutched the bridge of her nose in exasperation. “So depending on what room I'm in I will make sure that at all times a day I'm moving my body in some way, doing some form of exercise and really think that staying in shape is really important. I have actually got abs underneath my jumper.”

The influencer then moved the subject to her personality.

“I’m one of the most laidback people you will ever meet,” she said to Norma’s shock. As a wide-eyed Norma looked at the camera in disbelief, her granddaughter continued, “I've never get anxious or nervous and just really chilled out, laid back and never get snappy or frustrated. I'm just I'm willing to go with the flow.”

Asquith added that she was creative, musical, artsy, and someone who had a lot of rhythm - all of which nearly brought Norma to tears with laughter. But when her granddaughter addressed her beauty routine, her grandmother finally spoke up.

“As you can probably tell I haven't got any makeup at all,” Asquith continued on. “I don't wear makeup. I don't need to wear makeup. I'm just naturally beautiful my skin I've never ever ever had any problems with my skin. Obviously, my diet’s really good, so is my skin.

“I just don't need makeup and I think my nan would vouch for me in that,” she turned to her grandmother, who replied with her honest opinion. “Sometimes you do, love,” she told the influencer gently. “You can’t get away with that one, love.”

Asquith and the cameraman erupted with laughter in the background of the video before the influencer continued on by jokingly doubling down that she was a natural beauty and didn’t wear a lick of makeup, despite clearly wearing makeup in the video. The video concluded with the cameraman asking what size clothes she wears, to which she immediately said bye and ended the video.

Viewers found the prank hilarious, with over 8,000 people in the comments writing about how Norma’s reactions had them dying with laughter.

“Granny be like that’s absolutely bollocks,” one person said, while another added: “Granny’s facial expressions says it all.”

“This is pure gold,” a third wrote.

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