Justin Bieber lookalike says he’s been mobbed by fans at 2am and has same tattoos as singer

He says he’s gotten the same tattoos as pop star to increase likeness

Laura Mills
Thursday 24 August 2023 12:06 BST
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A Justin Bieber doppelgänger who has the same tattoos as the singer has revealed what it’s like to be a dead ringer for the global star – including getting slammed by hardcore fans online.

Dylan Desclos first began working as a celebrity lookalike six years ago, with strangers constantly likening him to the singer.

The 27-year-old now performs tribute acts on stage, as well as has a YouTube channel where he uploads covers.

But being a Bieber “twin” can be a challenge too – with Dylan revealing devoted ‘Beliebers’ – as the star’s most hardcore fans are known –  mob his hotel in the middle of the night.

According to Dylan, others resent him for emulating the star.

“A look or signature style I would say I have of Justin’s is the same tattoos as him,” Dylan from Caen, Normandy, France, told NeedToKnow.co.uk.

“A lot of people told me that I look like Justin Bieber in the past, however, I do make sure to dress like him,” he continued. “I think our similarities look wise more are some points of our faces, and definitely our attitudes. [sic]”

(Jam Press/Dylan Desclos)
(Jam Press/Dylan Desclos)
(Jam Press/Dylan Desclos)

“Likewise, when I’m on stage I need to be the most Justin I can be and I think I’m good at mimicking him. I became a lookalike simply by going to a Justin Bieber concert. I took a lot of photos and I thought it was super cool.”

Dylan has also revealed some of the strangest reactions he’s had from the public.He said: “I would say the best and funniest reaction I got was people thinking I was Justin and knocking on my hotel door at 2am. There were so many of them, taking pictures and asking me to sign pictures of Justin Bieber.

“The worst reaction I had to the public I would say was being mobbed with crying and hugs. I do understand very well that the power of love for Justin, so it’s nothing that bothers me. [sic]”

(Jam Press/Dylan Desclos)
(Jam Press/Dylan Desclos)

Dylan puts a lot of effort into his work, building his YouTube channel with a team of dancers and musicians and he says a lot of Beliebers are surprised by the lengths he will go to.

He has also shared some of the amazing opportunities he’s had so far in his career as Bieber lookalike. The 27-year-old said: “I hope people enjoy my shows and I think it can make up for it to an extent with there is a lack of touring from some artists. One of my best shows was the date that I did in Monaco with other lookalikes such as Rihanna.

”The cover singer has performed in many venues in France and hopes to go to get to the UK soon.

He said: “I really find dates in Europe in the future. [sic] From England to Germany to Spain to Italy to Portugal - keeping my passion alive wherever I can go.”

Dylan receives a lot of praise online from his fanbase, especially on Instagram – however, some people have slammed him for mimicking the Canadian singer.

“Thought that was Justin Bieber then,” one person wrote, while another said: “Stop trying to be someone you’re not.” “I don’t find it funny how this guy tries to be Justin, he lives off it,” someone else wrote.

Another viewer added: “How is this guy not sued yet? By the way, anyone who thinks this guy looks even remotely close to Justin Bieber is delusional.”

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