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Woman questions why adults can’t order off children’s menu: ‘Is it really that bad?’

‘I’ve experienced so much push back with ordering off the kids menu but WHY DOES IT MATTER???’

Brittany Miller
New York
Wednesday 20 March 2024 18:36 GMT
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People may choose to order off of the children’s menu at restaurants for various reasons, whether it’s because they’re a picky eater, want a smaller portion, or a cheaper meal.

Vanessa von Schwarz recently took to TikTok to explain one situation she was in where she was asked about her decision for ordering a child’s meal. In the clip, she asked: “Is it illegal to order off the kid’s menu as an adult?”

In the video, she explained she was currently on a trip to Japan and ordered room service, which came from the children’s menu. But when someone came to her room to drop off her pizza, she said the hotel employee immediately questioned where the child was.

“I’m in Japan right now, and I just ordered room service,” she said. “And the girl who brought it to my room, opens the door and she’s like: ‘Where’s the kid?’”

“‘You ordered off the kid’s menu?’” she said the worker continued to question.

“Is it really bad if I order some chicken nuggets and, like, a pizza? Like, a kid’s pizza and french fries?” she asked. Then, she dabbed her mouth with a napkin, and attempted to show her exasperation. “Let me enjoy my kids’ meal in peace!”

Schwarz further expressed her feelings in the caption, writing, “I feel judged.”

Her video went on to receive over one million views, with many people leaving comments explaining that they also order off the children’s menu and are never happy when the restaurant either refuses to serve them food from the menu without a child, or questions the decision.

“I hate when restaurants don’t let adults order off the kids’ menu, like I know it somewhat has to do with reduced prices but I’ll even pay extra for it I’m just picky,” one commenter wrote.

“A lot of places won’t let you order off the kids’ menu without no kids unless you placed the order online,” another commenter pointed out.

“The portions are smaller so you’re literally getting the amount you paid for but idk why they think you’re trying to get a discount or something,” a third person wrote in the comments.

Other commenters explained why they ordered from the children’s menu themselves and didn’t understand why some restaurants were so against the concept.

“No because it’s so rude that I can’t order off the kids’ menu sometimes. Like I’m broke and I’m not gonna finish the big one, I want the smaller portion,” one commenter wrote.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “I’ve experienced so much push back with ordering off the kids’ menu but WHY DOES IT MATTER??? It’s my order? I’ll order as much or as little as I want.”

“Someone ANYONE PLEEASE tell me why theere are age restrictions on kids’ menus ??????? Yes I’m paying less but I’m also getting less ????” a third commenter questioned, with many people responding that the policy is likely there because of the lower prices and servers receiving less tips as a result.

“I think it has to do with the fact that kids’ meals are generally priced at a loss for the restaurant. So they want adults to order from the adult menu, so they don’t cop a loss,” one commenter suggested.

Another agreed, writing: “The margin on kids’ menus is generally very low and they’re there to pull in adults who happen to have children.”

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