Over 100 King Charles Spaniels join dog parade on Coronation Day

King Charles III and Queen Camilla were crowned at Westminster Abbey on Saturday 6 May

Maanya Sachdeva
Saturday 06 May 2023 16:54 BST
The key moments from King Charles's coronation ceremony

Over 100 dogs, who share the same name as the UK’s new King, participated in a pup parade after the coronation on Saturday 6 May.

King Charles III and Queen Camilla were finally crowned during a two-hour ceremony at Westminster Abbey, following months of anticipation, preparation, and royal family drama.

As royal fans in London braved the weather to witness the king and queen’s coronation, more than 100 King Charles Spaniels took part in the parade immediately after on King’s Road in Chelsea.

A timelapse video shared by the Associated Press showed pet owners walk their spaniels down the famous West London road, to commemorate the beginning of Charles’ reign.

The lap dog was reportedly named after King Charles II, who favoured the toy breed in the 17th century.

Queen Elizabeth II, meanwhile, was fond of corgis, several of whom lived with her at Buckingham Palace. In the wake of her death, Sarah Ferguson adopted Muick and Sandy, who survived the late queen.

The new King is partial to Jack Russells, a small breed that was bred for fox hunting, and has owned them for years.

Recently, animal rights organisation Peta warned people against “impulse purchases” of dogs such as King Charles Spaniels and the King Charles Cavalier in the run-up to the coronation.

Vice president of programmes at Peta, Elisa Allen told The Daily Telegraph: “These spaniels are being deliberately bred to have flat faces, diminishing their ability to breathe properly or comfortably and reducing the size of their skulls, causing them to suffer from abnormal pressure on the brain and other serious health problems.”

Instead, she encouraged people to rescue shelter dogs, like King Charles and Queen Camilla’s adopted Jack Russel Terriers Bluebell and Beth.

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