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Kristen Stewart says she still loves her Bella Swan Twilight wedding dress

Stewart filmed ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part One’ in 2010

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Thursday 21 March 2024 20:04 GMT
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Kristen Stewart may be looking forward to her upcoming nuptials with Dylan Meyer, but she’s still not over a wedding from her past.

The 33-year-old actress took a trip down memory lane when she walked through her Twilight wardrobe, spanning the five-movie saga, with Who What Wear.

During the fashion outlet’s famed segment, “Behind the Looks,” Stewart thought back on the coveted wedding dress she wore as Bella Swan in Breaking Down: Part One when she married Edward Cullen.

“I love that dress so much,” the Underwater star admitted. “I remember getting into it. It felt like getting into a real wedding dress. I was being hidden in some room with, like, heaters and I was like: ‘It’s too hot in here and my makeup’s melting off.’”

“And they’re like: ‘Well we’re not going to be ready for another 30 minutes.’ It was like: ‘But I’m ready now. This is the time that I can play the bride,’” she added.

Designed by Caroline Herrera, the satin long-sleeve assumed traditional elegance with French Chantilly lace lining a round cutout in the back and a line of dainty white buttons trailing down through the train.

The Venezuelan fashion designer told Vogue in 2011 that she was grateful to be tapped for the opportunity.

“Being a big follower of The Twilight Saga, I was very flattered to be a part of this fantastic project,” she admitted in 2011. “I read the books and saw the first film and have been a fan ever since.”

On the making of the dress, Herrera said: “It had to be magical. I was of course inspired by Stephenie’s description of the gown in the book, but I added the touch of Herrera and also took into consideration the personality and the style of the bride.”

Herrera also thought back on the moment Stewart put the gown on, how the delicate piece transcended her far beyond her role in the film.

“When Kristen put the dress on and looked in the mirror, she was very moved,” the artist recalled. “In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film, she was a bride, and a happy one at that.”

Stewart is now preparing for her real-life wedding. The Hollywood star announced her engagement to Meyer in November 2021, but has since given little details about when and how they would tie the knot.

According to Stewart, if she were to consider going the traditional route with her wedding attire, she would opt for something similar to the Herrera dress.

“I think if I were to ever do like a classic wedding dress, this is kind of the one,” she confessed.

However, Stewart isn’t planning on assuming the same asethetic as her on-screen wedding.

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