Kylie Jenner accused of cultural appropriation for wearing hair in twists

'Celebrating the biggest era of cultural appropriation in modern pop history,' critic says

Sabrina Barr
Saturday 04 January 2020 11:37 GMT
Kylie Jenner accused of cultural appropriation for wearing hair in twists

Kylie Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation after an image emerged of her wearing her hair in twists.

The reality television star reportedly shared then deleted a picture on Instagram, after it was taken during a photo shoot with fashion photographers Luca and Alessandro Morelli.

The photograph was also shared by the Morelli brothers on Instagram, before being circulated more widely across social media.

Her use of the hairstyle, which originated and is traditional among black people with Afro-textured hair, prompted criticism online.

“The cultural appropriation jumped out. Disgusting,” one Twitter user said.

“I don’t find it as a compliment because my people still are losing jobs and viewed as ‘ghetto’ for protective hairstyles, while most white people see it as fashion,” another person remarked.

Ariel Tejada, Jenner’s make-up artist, said on Instagram that the look devised for the Kylie Cosmetics founder took inspiration from Gwen Stefani, who wore a similar hairstyle in the music video for musician Moby’s 2000 song “South Side”.

Singer Rebel Rae condemned the use of Stefani as the premise for the style.

“Wow love this on a white woman who’s white, dedicated to another white woman,” she wrote.

“Celebrating the biggest era of cultural appropriation in modern pop history.”

It is not the first time Jenner has been accused of cultural appropriation.

In 2015, Hunger Games actor Amanda Stenberg criticised the media personality for sharing a selfie on social media that showed her hair in cornrows, another hairstyle traditional among black people.

One month later, Jenner uploaded another photograph of her hair styled in cornrows.

Jenner has been contacted for comment.

On 1 January, a new law came into effect in California, USA making discrimination against natural hair in the workplace and schools illegal.

The legislation, called the CROWN Act, stated: “Acting in accordance with the constitutional values of fairness, equity, and opportunity for all, the legislature recognises that continuing to enforce a Eurocentric image of professionalism through purportedly race-neutral grooming policies that disparately impact Black individuals and exclude them from some workplaces is in direct opposition to equity and opportunity for all.”

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