Couple offers reward for lost wedding dress after groom left it on car roof and drove away

Bride is offering $500 if anyone finds her $2,000 wedding dress

Brittany Miller
New York
Tuesday 26 March 2024 16:57 GMT
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A bride-to-be is looking for her wedding dress after her fiancé left it on the roof of his car.

Lindel Cain and her groom, Tom Mitton, were in the middle of picking up some items from a storage unit when Mitton decided to place her wedding dress on the car roof to avoid the box getting crushed until the two of them forgot it was up there. The couple began driving with the dress still on the roof.

“We were pulling into Burnside Village (shopping centre) when the penny dropped for him, and we quickly turned around and tried to retrace our steps,” Cain told 7 News, a local Australian outlet.

“We parked the car and walked along Port Wakefield Rd with trucks going 90km/h past us, trying to find the box somewhere on the side of the road.”

Despite the two’s efforts to locate the $2,000 dress, they ended up not being able to find it and are now offering a $500 reward for anyone who does with Cain noting that her name is written on the box.

Although she was very upset to see her dress gone, the wedding isn’t scheduled until February 2025 so there is enough time to secure a new dress if the original doesn’t turn up.

After getting over the initial shock, Cain told 7 News that she views the situation as being funny and plans to incorporate it into her wedding speech. “It’s going to make a very good speech at the wedding,” she said.

She also didn’t plan on letting her soon-to-be husband off the hook for his mistake so easily but could tell he was remorseful. “For a man who isn’t very emotional, there were lots of emotions yesterday, lots of tears on his behalf because he could see how upset I was,” she said.

Cain isn’t the only person to end up with a wedding dress mishap. Recently a bride’s wedding dress was splattered with red paint as she was walking down the aisle in a cruel prank orchestrated by the groom’s mother.

A Mexican bride’s wedding gone wrong has gone viral across platforms including Reddit, Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter. In a post to the Reddit wedding shaming subreddit, a poster wrote about someone from their mother’s hometown named Alexandra, who was relentlessly harassed by her now-husband’s family.

The groom was reportedly from a wealthy family in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico, and upon hearing that he was engaged to a woman who wasn’t from a similar background, his family began to try everything in their power to sabotage the young couple’s relationship.

The Reddit poster noted that Alexandra is “a lovely person and wouldn’t hurt anyone”, and didn’t deserve the alleged harassment campaign the groom’s parents launched against her. They wrote that she tried to keep her head high amid “gold digger” allegations from the parents, trying to lead with kindness.

However, when the young couple announced their engagement, things escalated. According to a now-viral Spanish-language X thread, the groom’s mother Maupe faked a heart attack upon hearing the news. At the time, Maupe allegedly blamed the couple for her heart problems, and told her son that the least he could do would be to “cover all of her medical costs”.

According to the Twitter thread, Alexandra had been climbing up the steps of the church with her father when her glittering wedding gown was splattered with red paint. The crowd reportedly screamed in horror as she quickly turned around to look at what had happened, unsure what had splashed her at the time. The train of her gown and the steps behind her were stained red.

The family “hired someone to throw red paint on the bride’s dress right before walking down the aisle,” the Reddit poster alleged. They added that three men were responsible for ruining the bride’s gown; two of them were tasked with hurling two cans of paint at her and the third recording the incident with his phone.

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