Love Island Lucie says she's never had a boy friend

Love Island's Lucie sparks Twitter debate over female friendships in the villa

'I’ve never had a girl friend'

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Friday 14 June 2019 23:25

Love Island’s Lucie Donlan has sparked a Twitter debate about female friendship after revealing she has never had a girl friend.

On Friday night’s episode, new contestant Elma Pazar informed Donlan that Amy Hart was still upset about an argument the two had earlier in the week regarding her spending too much time with partner, Joe Garratt.

After being urged to settle the row, Donlan asked Yewande Biala, Anna Vakili and Amber Gill their opinion on the matter, and they agreed that she hasn't been spending enough time with the group.

In response, Donlan said the reason for this was because she only has male friends outside of the villa.

“It’s because I hang out with guys when I’m at home, I don’t hang out with girls” Donlan explained.

“I’ve never had a girl friend. Never. All guys, always.”

Speaking in the beach hut diary room, Donlan said she believes that “girls are drama” while men “say it how it is”.

The 21-year-old’s comments have divided opinion on social media with many defending her decision to be a “guys girl”.

“I think the female relationships in this year’s #loveisland are pretty toxic,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Let Lucie be, not everyone wants to be surrounded by girls all the time, everyone’s just different, that’s just her.”

Another person commented: “I can’t relate to Lucie any more! Guys are much better mates and I love my own space go on lass.”

A third added: “Can they leave Lucie alone? Friendship isn’t by force.”

However, not everyone agreed with some Twitter users accusing the islander’s comments of being misogynistic.

“Lucie f*** off with that ‘I’m not like other girls, I’m only friends with boys bc girls are too much drama!!!!’ attitude [sic],” one person wrote.

Another agreed adding: “Maura and Lucie saying they don't have girl friends because they start drama and make situations worse...the internalised misogyny jumped out!”

A third person commented: “Lucie doesn’t have girl friends?? RED F***ING FLAG.”

A similar debate was started in 2018 when Love Island alumnus Megan Barton Hanson revealed she found it difficult to maintain female friendships.

After her admission, fans of the show immediately took to social media to criticise the star.

“Never trust a girl with no girlfriends. It speaks volumes,” one person wrote on Twitter.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan UK after leaving the villa, Barton Hanson said the reason she avoided being friends with girls is because she “wanted to have a chilled life”.

“Dancing in a small town where I grew up, a lot of girls had opinions on that so there was a lot of negativity,“ Barton Hanson told the publication.

“So I stepped away from all girls after that...

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“With girls there's a lot of politics and drama, and then they all go out for drinks together and pretend it never happened, and there's agg."

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