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'They think we fake wanting to have sex': Women list the worst assumptions men make about them

FYI, we don't all hate each other

Sarah Young
Friday 09 December 2016 15:59 GMT
(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Women have revealed the most infuriating assumptions made by men – and a belief that everything is done to attract the opposite sex is top of the list.

While there are undoubtedly some men who manage to subsist without falling back on these tired stereotypes it’s likely that a vast majority of women have heard one of these at some point in her life.

The feedback came about in a Reddit discussion where women were asked, “What do men tend to assume about women that you find is mostly or entirely untrue?”

It turns out, the most prevalent assumption is that everything women do is done so with the male gaze in mind.

“A guy once asked me if I was putting on chapstick because I wanted to kiss him. No...I just have chapped lips,” one user wrote.

Another added, “A guy once asked me if my glasses were real or if I was wearing them to look cute/smart. Nope, just sorta blind dude!”

Other annoying untrue stereotypes included women crying to be manipulative, only caring about men’s money and that women don’t desire or enjoy sex as much as they do.

“The thing many men don't understand is female sexual agency. They simply don't grasp the idea that a women can decide to have sex,” said one user.

Another agreed adding, “And that women stop having sex as soon as they get married. Yeah, we just fake wanting sex while dating just so we can con a man into giving us a shiny ring.”

A huge number of women also commented on the fact that men tend to assume they all hate each other.

“Our female friends aren't real friends because they're secretly competing with us, but our male friends aren't real friends either because they secretly want to f*** us.

"In the eyes of desperate men, women are incapable of having any actual friends” one woman ranted.

“I think I've only met a handful of women I didn't like. And that's because they're awful people, not because they're women,” said another user in agreement.

Sure, these assumptions may apply to some but, just as men don’t like to be stereotyped as non-committal or only caring about sex, women are not bound by one defining factor.

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