Six subtle personality traits which mean your partner is likely to cheat on you

If you've caught them lying before, it's not a good sign

Rachel Hosie
Tuesday 21 February 2017 16:50 GMT
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Working late all the time, being overprotective about their phone or laptop, shying away from intimacy - sometimes it’s all too obvious someone is having an affair.

Other times, however, the other person in the relationship has no idea their partner is cheating on them.

According to relationship experts Olga Levancuka and Gary Amers, however, there are certain subtle personality traits that mean someone is more likely to be an adulterer.

Here are the six traits to look out for in a partner:

1. Flirtatiousness

It makes sense that someone who once enjoyed flirting might not like the fact that they’re expected not to do so when in a monogamous relationship. A lot of cheaters flirt with everyone, even when they’re with their partners.

They get a rush out of the exchange, and according to the experts, “this need for validation and feeling desired can eventually lead them to cheat on you.” Being friendly and charming is one thing, but flirting is another, so watch out.

2. Greed

Always thinking there's something - or someone - better round the corner is a problem often blamed on dating apps, but this could also be a sign that someone is likely to cheat on you.

If they think they might be able to “strike a better deal” for themselves with someone else, they’re more likely to be tempted to explore other options.

3. Self-absorption

Experts believe that adulterers are often narcissists and the two tend to share many of the same qualities.

If your partner struggles to empathise and is always thinking about themselves, experts believe this may signal they’re more likely to have an affair because “the attention and admiration they will get from a new love interest will be more important than your feelings and needs.” Ouch.

4. Deception

As the saying goes: once a cheater, always a cheater. So if you’ve caught your other-half cheating on you before, you already know what type of person you’re dealing with.

However experts believe lying says just as much about a person’s morals: “Not all liars are cheaters but cheaters are always liars.” So if your partner’s lied to you before, be on your guard.

5. Insecurity

Amers and Levancuka say insecurity is a common trait amongst cheaters: “Unfortunately their need to feel loved and have their other half’s constant attention can be what leads them to cheat.”

So it’s actually because they’re worried about their partner leaving them and ending up alone that they feel the need to have a back-up plan.

6. Accusation

If you so much as look at someone else (let alone pay them a compliment), a cheater is likely to get paranoid because they’ll presume you have the same urge to cheat as they do.

The experts explain that a partner who is honest and reliable won’t doubt or accuse you because they don’t doubt themselves.

Levancuka told The Mail Online: “Even though spotting the person who is more likely to cheat can be tricky, there are certain subtle traits that that set cheaters apart from loyal partners.

“The sooner you can identify these traits, the sooner you can take steps to move on and protect yourself from getting hurt.”

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