‘You’ll do’: Woman ‘speechless’ after opening message from Hinge match

‘Someone should tell me this is a joke,’ says Stephanie Campbell

Olivia Petter
Saturday 09 October 2021 19:18

A young woman has said she was “speechless” after reading the opening message from one of her recent Hinge matches, which read simply: “Yeah. You’ll do”.

Stephanie Campbell, 22, originally shared an image of the message on Twitter alongside the caption: “Again. Speechless. Someone should tell me this is a joke.”

Due to the number of responses she received, some of which she says were abusive, Campbell has since taken a break from Twitter.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Campbell explained that messages such as that are not unusual on dating apps.

“I’d matched with him but I hadn’t been on the app for a couple of days. I saw the message but I didn’t let it faze me because it happens quite regularly,” she said before going on to discuss the pitfalls of online dating.

“I feel like it’s quite a regular thing with dating apps, because I feel like people don’t take them seriously. It really shouldn’t be the case, messages like this don’t really bother me and I try and take the mick out of them.

“I try and have a bit of banter with them but I know there are other people out there that will take this badly.”

Campbell continued: “I probably get about one or two messages like this a week. I think the problem is people know they’re not going to meet the people they’re talking to. There are girls who will probably take messages like this to heart.”

She went on to say that the man in question has since unmatched her after her tweet went viral.

“Stuff like this really puts me off dating apps, I feel like you never really go on a dating app to meet the love of your life,” she continued.

“Everyone has bad experiences. It is a common thing to do when you’re single, a lot of people don’t take it seriously but I feel like it does put you off the experience.”

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