Love Island 2019: Sex website crashes after viewers google ‘eagle’ position

Islander Curtis Pritchard expresses preference for sex position in ITV2 reality programme

Sabrina Barr
Sunday 30 June 2019 21:20
Love Island's Curtis Pritchard reveals 'eagle' is favourite sex position

Love Island viewers caused a sex website to crash due to an influx of searches for the "eagle" position.

In the second episode of this year's series, the contestants took part in a challenge which involved guessing which "juicy secret" matched which Islander.

During the challenge, it was revealed that Islander Curtis Pritchard's favourite sex position is one dubbed "the eagle".

The revelation sparked the curiosity of Love Island fans, many of whom instantly took to google to discover exactly what the position entails.

The phenomenon led to "the eagle" becoming the most searched sex position on Google, according to Love Island's official Twitter account, in addition to crashing a website called "".

Numerous Love Island viewers expressed their confusion over the position on Twitter, including Curtis' brother, Strictly Come Dancing star AJ Pritchard.

"The question I have woke up asking myself is, 'What the hell is the eagle position?'" the ballroom dancer tweeted.

"I wonder how many people are currently googling 'the eagle'..." remarked reality television personality Bobby Norris.

One Twitter user joked that T-shirts sporting an eagle design may become available from Primark "very soon", in reference to the plethora of Love Island-inspired merchandise made available during the show's run in previous years.

"Lmao everyone in the country has tried to find out what the eagle is at the same time," another added.

Some Twitter users shared pictures illustrating the "eagle" position to save others from having to google it themselves.

The "eagle" position, people discovered, is similar to missionary, and involves the person underneath positioning their legs in the air.

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