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Not sending emojis could mean your partner doesn't love you

It can be difficult to spot when your romance is coming to an end

Sarah Young
Monday 12 December 2016 14:27 GMT

Has your partner suddenly stopped using emojis in their messages to you? It could mean they are falling out of love.

That's according to a fascinating discussion on Reddit, where people discussed the signs that someone was losing interest in a relationship.

People listed answers ranging from a lack of sex to not saying “I love you” - but a decrease in a partner using emojis popped up repeatedly.

“He stopped using emoticons in his texts. I thought I was being silly and thinking into things but, what do you know, it was a very small early sign,” one user admits.

Another added: “I was seeing a guy who used to send me emojis when saying bye or goodnight, and I swear I could gauge his feelings towards me by how many he sent. More meant he really missed me. One was still good but not great. Then it tapered off into none."

One person admitted using the technique themselves to signal their disinterest, “Wow, I remember doing this with my ex when I was falling out of love with him! Instead of sending him kissy faces and hearts, I started sending him animal emoticons.”

Unsurprisingly, many reported loss of libido as a tell-tale break-up sign.

Emojis explained

“Sex is reluctant and becomes less and less frequent. When you do have it, it's clear they'd rather be anywhere else,” admitted one person.

Another agreed saying, “Reciprocates only out of guilt/manners, not due to desire.”

While friends should never be ditched completely, many also recognised spending too much time with them as sign of things to come.

“They do not invite you during nights out, would rather be alone with friends (can't be seen with a girlfriend in front of potential future partners),” confirmed one.

Another added, “She was willing to make plans and commit to other friends ahead of time, but not me.”

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