OnlyFans creators rent private jet so they can join the Mile High club

OnlyFans creator Caitlyn Rose says she enjoyed the turbulance

Hannah Van De Peer
Friday 04 August 2023 14:51 BST
<p>Caitlyn Rose and her partner Michael Coates</p>

Caitlyn Rose and her partner Michael Coates

A woman spent £900 on a rented private jet, just so she could join the Mile High Club with her partner.

Caitlyn Rose, 25, flew over 7,000 miles to Las Vegas to try out the experience.

Both Caitlyn and her partner, Micheal Coates, 26, are full-time OnlyFans content creators - and they filmed the entire flight for their subscribers.

Caitlyn, from Byron Bay, Australia, said: “How many people can say they’ve hired a plane just to have sex? It was definitely a different experience!

“Sex just felt more exciting in the air - especially flying over the Las Vegas Strip.”

Caitlyn and Micheal found out about the experience through the Love Cloud website - in which you can order a “romantic package deal for two”.

As well as doing it for themselves, the pair thought it’d be an unexplored niche for their OnlyFans subscribers.

Caitlyn and Micheal make anywhere between £18-23k from OnlyFans per month, and they’ve been doing it for three years.

They hired the plane on March 13 and brought their entire camera set-up with them. As part of the experience, Caitlyn and Micheal were picked up by a limo from their hotel, which drove them to their private jet on the hanger.

A red carpet was rolled out and the inside of the plane was kitted out with a mattress and some pillows.

The pilot wore earplugs and the mattress was stowed away in a closed-off part of the plane, so cabin crew couldn't see the pair "getting it on".

Caitlyn Rose and her partner Micheal Coates

Caitlyn said: “It was a nice, fancy experience. They give you the safety briefing, of course, but then when you’re up in the air you get an hour of privacy. You’re free to do what you want, and it was really cozy.

“There aren’t any cameras on the airport so we had our own set up. Then we just got it on in the air! We recorded the entire experience for OnlyFans, but also for ourselves.”

The views, and the turbulence, made the in-flight sex more exciting, Caitlyn said: “The Las Vegas Strip is right below you the whole time, then they take you near the mountains in the desert,” she added.

“The whole time you’re like, ‘oh my god! I can’t believe I’m having sex in a plane!’ You’re being made to move around more, it just gives it a bit more excitement.”

When she posted the video to OnlyFans, Caitlyn got a lot of positive feedback - but she also received “heaps” of negative comments.

She said: “Obviously we don’t have anything like this where I’m from, so Australian fans on my site were super interested in seeing it.

“A lot of people were requesting to see it from TikTok, it got really popular. But people started saying things like ‘that’s so dirty’ - it’s no different from a hotel room.

“They were asking whether the sheets had been changed between flights… after each client, the plane is cleaned. It’s just a standard.”


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