Ozzy Osbourne says cheating on wife Sharon with multiple women is one of his biggest regrets

‘I’ve been a bad boy at times,’ says Black Sabbath singer

Olivia Petter
Monday 02 March 2020 12:12
Ozzy Osbourne reveals how his biggest regret is cheating on wife Sharon with multiple women

Ozzy Osbourne has said his biggest regret in life is cheating on his wife, Sharon Osbourne, with multiple women.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the musician was asked whether or not he was amazed that the couple had stayed together for 38 years.

“I am,” Ozzy replied. “I’ve been a bad boy at times.”

Sharon added: “It’s like a Shakespearian play – our love story. Ozzy’s been a right old f***er with women. I was just really broken in every sense.”

Piers Morgan asked Ozzy if he thought Sharon would leave him after the last cheating allegations emerged.

“Absolutely. I was terrified,” the Black Sabbath musician said.

Morgan went on to ask Ozzy about his sex addiction, which the singer described as “another fix”.

“If you’re a junkie like I was, anything that alters your mind, you go for. I didn’t love any of these people.”

Morgan asked Ozzy what some of his biggest regrets were, to which Ozzy replied that he regrets not caring for his parents enough but that the biggest was “that thing with all the women”, referring to his affairs. “I really regret that,” he added.

The musician went on to praise his relationship with Sharon.

“When I fell in love with her, I knew from a distance. What attracted me to Sharon, she always had this infectious laugh. It’s like the plant was happy. It was just one of those things… the shoes fit.

“She’s still here and I’m still here, so out of all our ups and downs, we’re still together.”

In January, the musician revealed he had been diagnosed with a form Parkinson’s disease – Parkin’s II – that affects the nerves in his body.

Speaking at iHeartRadio ICONS in California, Osbourne explained his health struggles have made recent months very difficult.

“This last year, I’ve been in a bad state, health-wise,” he said.

“It all caught up with me. Staph infection in my hand, then I had pneumonia, then I fell over, then I had surgery.”

Osbourne was referencing a life-threatening fall in his bathroom in 2019. He went on to say that he has known about his illness for 17 years.

“Everyone thinks I’ve just discovered the Parkinson’s. I’ve known about the Parkinson’s since 2003.”

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