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The escorts' website where sex workers share warnings about dangerous customers

'I honestly think this guy is dangerous'

Kashmira Gander
Friday 18 November 2016 11:25 GMT

An escort has described how a client turned violent and gave her a skin infection - one of the thousands of accounts of blacklisted men on a make-shift web forum set up to protect sex workers.

The websites where the forums are hosted enable escorts to share their stories, names and contact details of untrustworthy clients. Issues can range from customers who refuse to pay, to those who are violent and don’t respect boundaries and consent. For the 72,800 people in the UK who are sex workers, such websites can be lifelines.

Sharing the client's number alongside her story, one wrote that he had "horrendous hygiene" and rashes on his body which he stressed were eczema.

"He quickly turned nasty, holding me down by my wrists, leaving scratches all over my skin, and hurting me in general. He was very rough with me, and I struggled to get him to stop," she said.

Days later, she developed a rash across her body, and was forced to take strong antiobiotics to treat a bacterial infection. "This man has now left me unable to work for weeks. Please be careful girls."

In a separate post, another woman warned against a man who attacked her friend. "He refused to pay, strangled her then robbed her."

One woman who recognised the man's number on the forum added: "Also had a very bad experience with this man. He attempted to blackmail me for a free booking by threatening to tell the hotel and got VERY nasty when i refused. Be careful of this one girls."

"I hope you don't think I'm a total newbie for reporting this," wrote a woman in another post. “I asked him to freshen up and he kicked up stink about it,” she said, adding that a man who had lied about his age kept “grabbing my breasts hard" and "told me I was filthy.” She refused to perfom oral sex on him because he was not clean, but he insisted he would not touch her without gloves on in case he’d catch a disease.

“I told him to get out and he told me that I was filthy and diseased and was going to go to hell. I honestly think this guy is dangerous," she warned.

"He persistently pushes boundaries," said one sex worker a violent man who "takes photos without permission" and tied her up to force anal and oral sex on her. "Figging," where a peeled piece of ginger is inserted into the anus or vagina and can cause extreme pain, and "breathplay", a BDSM practice where a person's airways are bloked, were "done with NO prior communication or permission," she said.

The webite also offers also help and advice for escorts including sexual health, avoiding thefts, and “keeping sane” in a tough industry.

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