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Woman shares ‘worst date ever’ that started with ‘rawr’ and ended in shouts

‘Let’s normalise walking out on bad dates,’ viewer says

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Tuesday 19 December 2023 12:32 GMT
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A woman detailed her “worst” date ever with a man she had met for the first time.

In a viral TikTok video, TikTok user Beth (@thelifeofbethchronicles) explained what went wrong on a bad date she had with a man she just met. Throughout the date, the guy’s actions gradually became worse and worse, with her resorting to filming the last part of her date because she was genuinely afraid.

Beth started off the video saying that the date she was just on was the worst experience of her “whole entire life”, adding from the beginning there were glaring red flags. Before they met at the restaurant, things got off to a rocky start when she got a call from her date saying that they were going to be late due to traffic. She had arrived first. Initially, she had told him that it was alright and “not that serious” if he was running late, but he responded by acting “pissed off”.

When the guy finally arrived at the restaurant, his behaviour didn’t improve. She said that he greeted her with a “cringe” roar and bear hug as if he was a soldier who’d just come back from war and she was the love of his life. Dinner itself was so awkward that she repeatedly excused herself to go to the bathroom and commiserated with women she’d befriended while there over her terrible date. Once she returned to the table, she said the bad vibes didn’t stop, and her bad date kept trying to hold her hand despite her discomfort.

Although she did admit the one silver lining of the terrible date was that he ended up covering the entire $127 dinner bill, despite her offering to pay her share. Once everything was paid for, her date insisted that they go to a cigar lounge nearby, to which she repeatedly declined even though he aggressively tried to pressure her into going with him.

Towards the end of the evening, her date revealed that he’d gotten drunk before the date because he was “nervous” and forgot where he parked his car. At this point, she said she felt like she had to act like his chaperone, shepherding him to the level he said his car was parked on. He reportedly “really leaned” into acting drunk.

“We start at the top and we work our way down,” she explained. “I’m so nice, I wanted to leave his bootay-tay-tay just sitting…but I’m nice so I try…to help him find his car. We can’t find his car, we’re honking the horn, he starts to get very angry. He’s throwing his food, yelling, hooting, hollering, screaming, kicking the pillar…like we’re in a parking garage.”

Then things take a turn for the worse, she continued, “He’s drunk, he’s pissed. I’m just trying to calm him down. I’m like it’s gonna be okay, you’ve gotta calm down, we’re gonna find your car, like it’s gonna be fine. I’m being so nice.”

When she spotted a security guard driving through the parking structure, she said she flagged him down and they intervened on her date’s temper tantrum. The security guards helped him track down his car even though he was too drunk to even remember what it looked like. She handed them the keys and began to walk away, but her date’s belligerent behaviour didn’t end there as he began to yell at her from a distance.

“You’re done with me aren’t you, you’re done, I’m never gonna hear from you again,” she recounted him saying. “The two security guards were just laughing with me like…yeah dude.”

She stressed that this is why women have to take so many safety precautions on first dates, “But this why we take our own car, this is why we keep our phone fully charged and full of storage so we can record things.”

Since posting the video, Beth has received an outpour of outrage and support in the comment section, with one person writing: “Let’s normalise walking out on bad dates.” Another person added, “The RAWR…..I would have left at the rawr.”

Someone else wrote, “The amount of first dates I’ve gone on where they admit to taking multiple shots before, because they’re ‘nervous’ … never get second dates.”

Unfortunately, what Beth experienced is common for women. According to data compiled by the US Department of Health & Human Services, more than four in ten women of college age will experience violence or abuse - whether that be verbal, emotional, or physical - when dating.

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