What's important for good sex, according to women

The survey found that stress had the greatest negative impact on women's sex lives

Serina Sandhu
Wednesday 16 September 2015 20:35

Good sex for women is all down to having an emotional connection, a recent survey has found.

But the stresses of daily life are most likely to put women off engaging in sexual activities.

The survey, carried out by fertility app Kindara, was aimed at establishing whether stereotypes about women and sex were true.

It found that more than half of the 500 respondents voted emotional connection as the most important aspect for good sex. Less than a quarter felt foreplay was essential. And only around 10 per cent of women felt communication was important.

The novelty and frequency of sex both scored below five per cent, according to Kindara.

The research revealed that more than half of the women felt they were not having enough sex, with three-quarters of the respondents desiring to engage in sexual activity in excess of three times per week.

The majority of women said they achieved an orgasm at least once during a sex act.

The biggest negative impact on women’s sex lives was stress, which was voted for by 39 per cent of the respondents. It was followed by feeling out of sync with their partner, not being in the mood or struggling with self-image.

But almost one-fifth of the women said there were no obstacles affecting their sex life.

A survey earlier this year revealed that women preferred sex at night, while men did so in the morning.

Richard Longhurst, co-owner of Lovehoney, which carried out the survey, said although there were "big differences in sex o-clock between the sexes", most people found "sexual happiness in the end with a partner with similar sexual needs".

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