Woman’s viral Twitter thread shatters male privilege

‘The lack of male spaces in our culture begins in the home’

Olivia Petter
Monday 07 May 2018 09:16 BST
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Twitter is no stranger to controversy, but it’s not just world leaders and reality TV stars that use the platform to share their contentious views.

On Thursday, writer Matt Walsh tweeted about what he perceives to be a “lack of male spaces” in society, suggesting that this is most prevalent in domestic settings:

“The lack of male spaces in our culture begins in the home,” he wrote, “where a man is often forced to set up his ‘man cave’ in the garage or the basement if he wants any space to himself in the home he owns and pays for.”

“It's sad to think of the man who hangs out all day in the garage, and then is often banished to the couch at night if his wife is angry with him,” he added.

“He allows himself to be treated like a dog in his own home.”

Walsh’s tweets garnered a lot of attention, with users swiftly lambasting his comments as a blatant example of male privilege, however, it’s the multi-thread response from Katie Anthony that has been hailed as the ultimate takedown.

Taking the opportunity to completely unpack Walsh’s evident lack of self-awareness, the Seattle-based writer penned a 14-part thread in response:

“The point is that you act like having a designated recreation space is an expulsion, when the reality is that the already-taken space inside your home is filled with her LABOUR, not her ownership.

"If it feels unfair that you (gen. you) have to cross a driveway or take stairs to occupy your very own space where all you have to think about is what sounds like fun for YOU, well gosh.

“It's hard for me to create space in my heart for that. Bc I don't have a woman cave. The house that you don't feel like you own? I run it for our family."

Anthony continued to scathe Walsh for the sexism that his tweet inferred, calling out his “feelings of inadequacy” and “displacement” in the home, suggesting he take up some domestic duties himself.

"If the ‘lack of male spaces’ that you're referring to is a reflection of your grief that you have to share what you felt should be ‘male spaces’ with non-male people,” she continued, “then you are aggrieved because women and non-binary people are living full lives.

“Why does the presence of non-male people inhibit your ability to do you? Just sit with it.”

Concluding her response, Anthony highlighted the importance of advocating equality in the home: “Whatever you want, chances are she wants it too,” she wrote.

“If you're not getting it, chances are she isn't either. No matter how deep your man cave is.”

Anthony’s tweets generated a flurry of support from commenters, many of whom praised the writer for articulating their frustrations at Walsh’s statement.

“Thanks for breaking this down. Very appreciated,” wrote one person.

“Argh I'm still thinking about this,” added another. “Lack of male spaces? The ENTIRE WORLD is a male space. I'm just...can't let this go”.

Responding to the criticisms, Walsh wrote in a subsequent tweet:

“You guys can intentionally misread what I'm saying in order to find a reason to be offended.

“That's fine. Not sure what it achieves, though. I never said the woman doesn't own the house, too. The point is that the man, in many households, is treated as if he doesn't own it.”

Evidently, there are many people who would dispute that.

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