Man sneaks bottle of vodka into music festival by burying it weeks before

Talk about buried treasure

Olivia Petter
Wednesday 13 September 2017 09:07 BST

When you go to a music festival, there are expectations that come with the mud-trodden territory.

You won’t sleep, you will start to smell of cider on day two, you will be forced to survive off overpriced food trucks for 72 hours and you will spend hours in queues waiting to pay £12 for a G&T.

At most festivals, bringing in your own alcohol is a big no-no.

For one seasoned festival-goer, this was simply an unacceptable fate.

Three weeks before New York City’s popular Electric Zoo festival took place; Alex Diamond visited the festival site and buried a water bottle filled with vodka, wrapped in a plastic bag for good measure.

He pinned the burial location on Google Maps so he’d remember exactly where the bottle was located.

When the savvy consultant attended the festival on 2nd September, he returned to the spot where the bottle had been buried and successfully retrieved it, after which he presumably enjoyed many celebratory – and tax free – drinks.

Diamond documented the heist in a Facebook post which promptly went viral.

He has since created a separate page on the social media platform named “Festival Pro Tips,” where he will be sharing his festival expertise.

“I have been going to festivals for the past five years averaging 50 shows and 10 festivals a year,” Diamond wrote on Facebook.

“Now it’s my turn to share with the general public my knowledge of achieving an awesome festival experience.”

Diamond also revealed that he will be releasing a book, sharing his underground knowledge of the festival scene that he insists organisers “don’t want you to know.”

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