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Law student shares moment man ‘mansplained’ law to her on day she took bar exam in viral TikTok: ‘The audacity’

‘I’m not a lawyer but I’m certain this is a crime,’ one viewer joked

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Tuesday 03 August 2021 21:55 BST
Law student goes viral after sharing clip of man ‘mansplaining’ law on day she took bar exam
Law student goes viral after sharing clip of man ‘mansplaining’ law on day she took bar exam (TikTok / @chatty_kathy8)

A law student has gone viral on TikTok after sharing the moment a man “mansplained” law to her on the day she took the bar exam.

A woman named Kath, who goes by the username @chatty_kathy8 on TikTok, uploaded the video two days ago along with the caption: “Watch this man who’s never been to law school mansplain how the law works to me the day I took the bar exam.”

In the clip, Kath can be seen sitting in what appears to be a bar as she has a conversation with the man in question.

While most of the conversation can’t be heard in the TikTok, the pair can be heard discussing a “grand jury,” with Kath appearing unimpressed throughout the video.

According to Kath, who clarified the topic in the comments, the man was “trying to tell me that in federal criminal court you’re not entitled to a jury”.

In the caption, the TikTok user also revealed that, during the conversation, the man had claimed that he could have gone to law school, but that he ultimately decided “business was the better move”.

“Yeah, I could’ve gone to law school but business was the better move for me,” she quoted the man as saying.

The video, which has since gone viral on TikTok, where it has been viewed more than 852,000 times, has prompted a range of responses from viewers, with many commiserating with Kath’s experience, while others applauded her handling of the situation.

“Men really got nothing but the audacity,” one viewer commented, while another asked: “How are you not laughing in his face?”

Someone else acknowledged: “That’s some serious audacity, there is no other time when you will know more law off the top of your head than the days before and after the bar exam.”

In response to another viewer who said they don’t know how she handled the mansplaining so well, Kath said: “I was kinda having fun with it, listening to him poorly explain the concept of a jury trial to me was entertaining.”

Kath also pointed out in response to one commenter who noted that she “hasn’t practised law yet either” that she still has more knowledge on the topic due to three years of law school.

“But he hasn’t taken a single law school course so the point is I have three more years of knowledge in this area and he thought he could explain it to me,” she responded.

In a follow-up video created in response to a critical comment from one viewer who asked whether Kath had listened to the man or whether she was “just hostile,” the law student revealed that she didn’t expect her TikTok to go viral, but that she was grateful for the comments defending the man as they helped her video draw attention.

“I just want to say to people commenting stuff like this or defending the man and telling me I should have just sat and listened to him because he was just trying to be nice… thank you so much for that because today is my birthday and I woke up to my TikTok blowing up and I’m a Leo and we thrive off attention,” Kath joked. “So you have given me the best birthday gift that I ever could have asked for.

“So thank you so so much and also thank you for proving my point.”

The Independent has contacted Kath for comment.

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