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Sunday 23 October 2011 04:25

Some news stories of the past week that you may have overlooked:

Health food

Pizza may be good for you, and the more pizzas the better, according to a research study at Harvard. But spaghetti sauce is better still. A survey of the eating habits of 47,000 men showed that those who had at least 10 servings each week of tomato-based foods were up to 45 per cent less likely to develop prostate cancer. Strawberries may also help.

Ho ho ho

Nelson Mandela has been awarded the title of International Santa Claus of the Year by the Santa Claus Foundation of Greenland. The South African President became the first recipient of the award for his work on behalf of children.

Motorists pay for condoms

Latex producers in India are reported to be increasingly moving from the production of sheet rubber towards the more profitable grades of latex used in condoms. The resultant shortage of low-grade rubber has forced tyre prices up.

Bouncing mayor

Pedro Mosqueda, a candidate for the post of Mayor in Maracay, Venezuela, bungee jumped from a helicopter hovering 5,000 feet above the ground. The stunt greatly increased his popularity in opinion polls, but with only 30 per cent of the electorate turning out to vote, he failed to be elected.

Killer mushroom

A mushroom that eats locusts has been proved highly effective in laboratory tests in Colombia.

Perfumed poo

Teignbridge Council in Devon has been handing out dark green bags smelling of lemon and menthol to encourage dog owners to scoop up after their pets. "The bags over- come the smell fairly well," said a spokesman.

Four legs good two wheels bad

A man in Los Angeles is fighting a ticket given to him by traffic cops for giving a pet dog a ride on the gas tank of his Harley-Davidson. The law only prohibits a "person" from riding there, says Mr Gerbracht.

Quote of the week

"When you're in the middle it's as far back as it is forward. That's why I do what I do." (Jay Cochrane, after walking a record 1,354ft on a tightrope across the Yangtse River.)

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