Megan Fox defends drinking Machine Gun Kelly’s blood for ritual

Fox shoots down rumours about her involvement in ‘satanic rituals’

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Thursday 21 March 2024 21:43 GMT
Megan Fox Clarifies Engagement Status With MGK

Megan Fox has has defended her decision to exchange blood with her partner, Machine Gun Kelly.

During a recent appearance on Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast, the movie star set the record straight on a rumour pegging her as someone who regularly partook in “satanic rituals.”

Cooper asked Fox whether there was any speculation targeting her that she wanted to clear up. The Jennifer’s Body lead then denied being a Satanist, adding that the “ritual” she’s done chalks down to a harmless blood pact.

For Fox, swapping blood with Kelly wasn’t “gross”.

Throughout the interview with Cooper, the 37-year-old referred to the musician, 33, as her “soulmate” and “twin soul.” However, the title, “fiancé” didn’t come up. In fact, Fox only mentioned their engagement when she seemingly confirmed that it was called off at one point last year.

“I think that what I’ve learned from being in this relationship is that it’s not for public consumption,” she candidly admitted. “I think, as of now, I don’t have a comment on the status of the relationship, per se. What I can say is [he] is what I refer to as being my ‘twin soul’ and there will always be a tether to him, no matter what.”

“I can’t say for sure what the capacity will be, but I will always be connected to him somehow,” Fox noted. “Beyond that, I’m not willing to explain.”

Fox and Kelly were engaged in January 2022.

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