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Server says mom was upset that kids’ menu had no ‘healthy’ options

A mother asked to see restaurant’s manager after taking issue with the restaurant’s “unhealthy” children’s menu

Olivia Hebert
Los Angeles
Sunday 28 January 2024 13:06 GMT
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A restaurant took to social media to complain about a mother who believed the children’s menu wasn’t inclusive.

In a viral TikTok video, a restaurant server (@itsbaebybitch) vented about serving the “crunchiest mom” who took issue with the lack of healthy options on the children’s menu. She captioned the video, writing: “a kombucha mom & not the good kind.”

She started the video by saying: “The other day at work, I had the crunchiest mom at my table and this is what happened.”

”So it’s a family of four, right? Two kids, mom, and dad. OK?” she continued. “And so I go over there and I take their order, and just say, you know, our kids’ menu is not extensive at all. It’s like mac and cheese, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, like a kid’s dream.”

As the family ordered their food, the server said that when it was one of the kids’ turn to order, the mom asked, “Oh, my son wants the wings. But can he substitute the chicken tenders for wings?”

The server said she responded, saying: “I was like, oh, unfortunately, I can’t substitute because, like, I don’t know what happened. The price of wings is not equal to the kids’ menu. I can’t substitute. She’s like, ‘Fine. We’ll take the chicken tenders.”

It was then that the server said that the mother complained to her. “Honestly, it’s super infuriating how non-inclusive your kids’ menu is … look how much food there is for adults,” the mother allegedly said. “And then kids get three options and they’re all unhealthy.”

“Yeah, like you think it would have changed over the past 20 years?” the server said as she tried to joke. “Like that’s what I was eating when I was a kid.” However, the mother reportedly replied, “No, it’s actually infuriating.”

The server then suggested that the mother could order her child a side of veggies from the adult menu, but the child reportedly wanted a side of fries. The mother ultimately ordered fries for her child but also asked to speak to the server’s manager. After informing her manager about the situation, the server said that their manager spoke to the mother and shut her down. “She gets her ass chewed out after I got my ass chewed out and I was like, LOL, this is hilarious,” the server said.

Since the server posted the video on 8 February, it has garnered over 175,000 views on the platform. Many took to the comment section to sympathise with the server, but noted that with these types of customers, there are no winners.

“I used to walk away from people like this,” someone wrote. “I’m not getting that tip either way.”

“First of all, what kid is gonna want veggies over fries,” one person commented, while another noted, “My kid would ask me if they could have both. That’s the kind of balance I strive for.”

When commenters asked the server if she’d been properly tipped, the server revealed that the mother had, albeit “horribly.”

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