Forgotten Monopoly rule changes the game completely

‘This makes the game 10 times better,’ one person tweeted

Ella Kipling
Friday 23 December 2022 11:48 GMT
Monopoly (Getty Images)

Board game fans have discovered a forgotten Monopoly rule which changes the whole game.

As families and friends gather for Christmas, Monopoly boards all across the world will be dusted off for after-dinner fun.

With arguments bound to start brewing from the first roll of the dice, it is best to be prepared with a solid understanding of the rules.

Most people know that when a player lands on a property they may buy the property from the bank. However, the rules also state that if the player chooses not to buy the property, it goes to auction and can be bought by the highest bidder.

Any player can bid on the property, and bidding can start at any price.

This rule was shared by @Dtrain22 onTwitter, who also posted a picture of where it states this in the rule book.

“Just found out I’ve played monopoly wrong my whole life. If you don’t buy a property you land on it goes to auction for everyone for any bid amount. Had no idea,” they said.

Many people replied to say they had also gone for some time without realising this was one of the rules.

This is not the first time the rule has come up. In 2017, Twitter user @rubenfandueltv responded to a tweet asking for the one trivial hill on which users are willing to die. They then named the Monopoly rule and wrote: “IT. IS. IN. THE. RULES.”

One person then responded: “Omg this makes the game like 10 times better.”

Another board game connoisseur said that they finally read the rule a few years ago and now their games go “much quicker” as a result.

Meanwhile, in 2019, Uno’s official Twitter page settled an ongoing dispute that many people have been having for years when playing the card game.

When it comes to the +4 card it said “you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped”.

“You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6. We know you’ve tried it,” Uno tweeted.

When another player asked if you can place a +4 card on another +4 card, Uno replied: “No, you can’t stack any cards!”

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