Los Angeles named the most stressful city in the US

More than three-quarters of residents report feeling at least 'somewhat stressed' every day

Olivia Petter
Saturday 08 June 2019 10:42 BST

Known for battling through freezing winters and relentless work schedules, New Yorkers would be forgiven for thinking they reside in America’s most stressful city. But a new survey suggests they’d be wrong.

The most stressed out US city is in fact Los Angeles, according to a poll of more than 3,000 residents from LA, New York, Dallas, Miami and Chicago, which found 76 per cent of those living in the City of Angels feel at least “somewhat stressed” every day.

New York residents weren’t far behind, with 72 per cent of them reporting daily stress, while 65 per cent of those living in Chicago said the same. They were followed by Miami (64 per cent), Dallas (48 per cent) and San Francisco (44 per cent), suggesting that northern Californians live a more peaceful life than their southern counterparts.

The survey also looked into how many days US residents could go without needing a break from work and found that in LA, the figure was 10 and a half days.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers reported greater levels of resilience, as they could go for seven days longer.

Additionally, poll participants were asked to report the single most stressful location in their respective cities.


More than a third (35 per cent) of LA residents named entertainment complex Hollywood and Highland Centre as the city’s least relaxing spot.

Unsurprisingly for New Yorkers, the most stressful location was Times Square, a major tourist destination for the east coast city.

Derek Dabrowski, vice president of brand marketing for Canada Dry Ginger Ale, said: “Everyday stresses can be found anywhere, but there are certainly places that are more widely known for being stress-inducers.”

The research qA carried out by OnePoll on behalf of Canada Dry Ginger Ale.

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