44-year-old mother hits back at critics after being told she's too old to breastfeed

'The look on their face, priceless'

Sarah Young
Tuesday 20 March 2018 12:08 GMT

A 44-year-old mother had the perfect response after being told she was too old to breastfeed.

Nursing can feel like a struggle at the best of times, from getting the hang of latching on to finding a secluded spot or position that works for both mother and baby.

As such, it can be reassuring for breastfeeding mothers to know they’re not alone but unfortunately not everyone is so supportive.

This certainly rings true for mother-of-two Stefania Girladi who, having had her first baby at 37-years-old and is yet to wean her three-year-old, has been frequently criticised throughout her breastfeeding journey.

But just as she thought she had heard it all, two women managed to prove her wrong.

Posting on her Facebook page, Mama’s World, Giraldi said that she was sitting in the waiting room at her doctors when she overheard two women discussing breastfeeding.

“I thought no comments could ever shock me anymore on the topic,” she wrote.

“And yet someone managed to do just that, shock me with some uneducated opinion about a breastfeeding mother.”

The women, who Giraldi estimated were both in their 30s, were chatting about how a woman they knew, who was 42-years-old, was too old to breastfeed.

“I am sure you are all familiar with the ‘too old to breastfeed’ remark, but have you ever heard it in relation to the mother?” she added.

According to Giraldi, the women said that the mother’s milk “probably wasn’t good enough” because of her age and that her baby would be better off with formula instead.

Minutes later, the mother explained that her daughter wanted feeding and she couldn’t help herself but use it as an opportunity to confront them.

“Obviously the ladies noticed I was breastfeeding (I wasn't hiding), I turn to them and I tell them: ‘By the way, I am 44 years old, 45 next June and my milk is perfect!’

“The look on their face, priceless.”

With more than 400 likes, Giraldi’s post was quickly flooded with supportive comments from parents praising her for her response.

“Awesome. We all need to stand against bashing for something natural,” one person said.

Another added: “I am having my ninth baby in June and turn 39 in August. So I will be about 42 at the least when I stop breastfeeding my baby.

“To each their own. Too bad people can't mind their own business.”

Regardless of age, the NHS states that there are plenty of benefits to breastfeeding including protecting your baby from infections and diseases, building a strong emotional bond and also providing health benefits for the mother.

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