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Mother hit with backlash after complaining about ‘junk’ gifts at daughter’s birthday

‘I’m happy for thoughtful things that you can buy for my kids’

Amber Raiken
New York
Wednesday 17 August 2022 17:41 BST

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A mother has sparked a debate about gift giving after encouraging people to “stop buying [her] child junk”.

In a recent video posted to TikTok, a parent, who goes by the username @monthofsunday, detailed why she wanted her peers to stop buying her daughter unnecessary things.

After acknowledging that she may be sounding “ungrateful,” she went on to reveal that when people ask her what to get her daughter on different occasions, she tells them to buy nothing, as she “really doesn’t need anything for her child”.

However, the mother said that people still continue to get her child a gift anyhow, which is something that she’s also done for her friends’ children.

“People insist on buying her stuff, fair enough, and I’m the same,” she explained. “I want to buy stuff for people’s kids, like my friends’ kids or people that I know I like.”

She also explained that when she does get a present for a child, she makes sure that it’s either something “thoughtful” or something that a fellow parent would use.

“I actually think, ‘What would work for that child? What would be beneficial?,’” she continued. “A lot of the time, I say to the mum, ‘What do you want?’ And I’ll buy like a gift card or something.”

@monthofsunday further emphasised how she doesn’t like “unthoughtful gifts” and how she didn’t see this perspective as “being ungrateful,” as she makes sure to buy “quality things” for her friends’ children. She also prefaced that she would tell her peers if she couldn’t afford to get a nice gift.

“I’m buying things that I’ve actually put thought into,” she said. “Or if I haven’t got the means, I would say, ‘I haven’t go the money right now, I’ll get him or her something later.’”

“I’m sorry if it sounds ungrateful,” she added. “I’m happy for thoughtful things that you can buy for my kids. I’m not happy for junk that people just try to pass on because they don’t want it.”

She once again expressed her perspective in the caption and wrote: “I‘ve had enough at this point. If it’s not thoughtful, my baby is not in need of it. Because it’s the thought that counts right.”

As of 16 August, the video has more than 92,800 views, with TikTok users in the comments agreeing with the mother’s perspective and claiming that it isn’t just children who receive useless gifts.

“Same for adults. I put so much thought into presents, thing they end up loving and using for years and they get me bath bombs,” one wrote. “I don’t have a bath.”

“Real talk!!,” another added. “My son’s aunt bought him a tablet for Christmas despite me saying no to her over six times.”

A third person wrote:” It’s logical really, I say the same to my family. If you can’t afford to get me what I’d like, please don’t get me something random that’ll end up in the charity shop because I’ve got no use from it.”

However, some people didn’t fully agree with the @monthofsunday’s video and expressed how they try to remain thankful for whatever gift their child receives.

“If I had a child I’d be so grateful that someone took time out of their day to think of them,” one wrote “If it’s junk it’s still a gift. Especially at times like.”

“As a mum I understand all the talking points you’ve made but remember also ‘one man’s junk is another’s treasure,’” another added.

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