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Tea drinkers add 5ml of milk per cup on average, study says

'How on earth do you distinguish between what a ‘splash’ and a ‘drop’ means'

Robert Knight
Monday 23 April 2018 16:01 BST
The Great British Tea Off: just how much is a 'splash' of milk?

The mystery of what a splash of milk really means when making a cup of tea, has been solved by a new poll, which revealed that it is five ml – or four fifths of a teaspoon.

However, a splash should not be confused with a dash, which is closer to six ml, the survey of 2,000 British adults found.

But although these particular terms are not interchangeable, a splash of milk is pretty much the same as a drop, the research found.

It also emerged that almost four in 10 have even received complaints about the quality of their tea making.

The study was conducted as a joint venture between the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) and Dairy UK.

“When it comes to tea making for others, we often bottle it and are divided by what the ‘perfect cuppa’ looks like," a spokesperson said. “Milk is often at the centre of the debate – how much is required to achieve that perfect caramel shade and how on earth do you distinguish between what a ‘splash’ and a ‘drop’ means.”

The research also found nearly half of the population believe Britons have become more particular about tea during the last decade.

More than one third admitted they find it difficult to keep up with everyone’s particular tea preferences, while one in five said it takes longer to complete a tea round at work now than it did five years ago.

One fifth admitted they specifically dread being asked to make a ‘builder’s tea’ due to its ambiguous meaning.

Just over a fifth (21 per cent) of those polled admitted to deliberately making bad tea for others so they would not be asked to make a round again, while one in 10 revealed they do not drink tea or coffee at work, just to avoid becoming part of a tea round.

Most of those polled agreed the milk goes in after the hot water and a one centimetre gap should be left between the top of the tea and the tip of the mug. Most also agreed it should be brewed for precisely two minutes and 20 seconds.

The findings emerged as it was revealed the average Briton drinks three-and-a-half cups of tea a day and makes a further five more for friends or colleagues.

The spokesperson said: “With 505,000 Google searches on ‘how to butter a crumpet’, Britons are clearly in desperate need of guidance. With half of the nation outraged by the idea of a scone with jam on top of the cream, we need to settle the debate once and for all."


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