6 new podcasts to listen to this week

These are our top podcast picks.

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Thursday 25 April 2024 10:00 BST
Xavi Simons and Dr Peter Schneider on Red Bull’s Mind Set Win podcast in Leipzig, Germany. (Florian Eisele/PA)
Xavi Simons and Dr Peter Schneider on Red Bull’s Mind Set Win podcast in Leipzig, Germany. (Florian Eisele/PA)

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


The podcasts in this week’s column serve as a great reminder about the power of storytelling. How it can both move and shape us into action or reflection.

1. The Price Of Paradise

Streaming platform: Wondery+ and all streaming platforms

Genre: True crime

The Price Of Paradise transports us back to the year 2000, where eccentric mum-of-three Jayne Gaskin is bored of dreary England, so she buys a private island in Nicaragua and moves there with her husband and kids.

So far, so dreamy – but things aren’t quite so rosy on the island, which is actually part of a centuries-old land dispute, with the locals claiming it belongs to the people – and Jayne hasn’t legally bought it.

Any podcast hosted by Alice Levine – who also helms British Scandal – sets you up for a juicy tale, and The Price Of Paradise is no different.

With kidnappings, drug smuggling, affairs, a Channel 4 crew filming everything for a reality show and a legal battle for indigenous rights, drama is something this podcast has in bucketloads – and you’ll be racing through the episodes to find out what happens.

(By Prudence Wade)

2. Mind Set Win

Streaming platform:  All streaming platforms and YouTube

Genre: Sport

Season three of Red Bull’s Mind Set Win podcast kicked off with a thought-provoking conversation between rising Dutch football star, Xavi Simons, and RB Leipzig psychologist, Dr Peter Schneider.

Hosted by Sky Sports presenter, Lisa Ramuschkat, they talk about everything from Xavi’s mental performance, being a perfectionist, reaching your full potential and how the footballer works with his mental performance coach.

During their conversation, Schneider said: “A good mindset is accepting that you are human.” I think it’s a statement that we can all consider and take on board when we are feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

If you are fascinated by the mental strength and unwavering determination many sportspeople possess, Mind Set Win is a great podcast to get acquainted with.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

3. 1000 Voices

Streaming platform:  All streaming platforms and YouTube

Genre: Personal stories

I should start by saying that this episode of 1,000 Voices, featuring British-Nigerian LGBTQ+ activist, Bisi Alimi, explores some dark themes including suicide and exorcisms.

Set up by host Tevin Kittoe, 1,000 Voices is an organisation on a mission to interview 1,000 black British change-makers.

To preface the conversation, Kittoe discusses the current state of homosexuality laws in Africa, the range of punishments and how it has evolved over the last few years.

It was fascinating hearing Alimi talk about trying to figure out who he was growing up in Nigeria, where he was still known as Ademola – he changed his name just before he came out in 2004 – sexuality in the confines of the church, why he turned to advocacy, and how he has navigated dealing with racism in the UK.

Listening to Alimi share his story – with such grace and transparency – reminded me of the power of storytelling and how it should provide us with an opportunity to learn from another person’s experience. Good storytelling can shape, strengthen or challenge our opinions and values, and I think that’s its true purpose.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

4. The Trouble With Politics

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: Politics

At a time when politics has become an entity of its own, a podcast solely dedicated to discussing the state of the British government, exploring the different ways we can interact with politics, while also demystifying current affairs is so necessary.

Now on its third episode, The Trouble With Politics, hosted by award-winning journalist and broadcaster Marverine Cole, has done a great job at pulling away the curtains so far and this week is no different.

Though her guest, the new First Minister of Wales, Vaughan Gething, was the topic of discussion very recently after he rejected calls for an independent investigation into a controversial donation he received during his bid to become the Welsh Labour leader – which Cole addresses at the start of the episode.

He spoke about the style of leadership he will adopt, what life is like for him away from the spotlight and what the trouble really is with politics. But will Gething be able to fill the shoes of his predecessor, Mark Drakeford?

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

Spotlight on…

5. Halfway

Streaming platform: Audible

Genre: Technology

Halfway, a new Audible Original executive produced by Idris and Sabrina Elba with S’ABLE Labs and Green Door, is thought-provoking.

What can be described as a sci-fi fictional thriller written by Imeldha Eloni and Michael Honnah, takes one of our biggest fears when it comes to the innovation of technology and turns it on its head. Halfway explores a world where AI is used to recreate the personalities of deceased loved ones for profit.

In the first episode, which stars Patricia Allison (Florence), Sir Lenny Henry, George Mackay, and Arinze Kene (Mark), listeners are welcomed into this new world, Florence is saying goodbye to her brother Mark who has sadly passed away, using synthetic AI technology service called Halfway.

It made me think about the complex nature of grief, what can truly provide closure, consolation, and comfort during and whether we can sometimes be selfish when navigating such a difficult period of our lives.

(By Yolanthé Fawehinmi)

6. Countdown To The BAFTAs

Streaming platform: All streaming platforms

Genre: TV and Film

Excited about the TV Baftas? If you’re someone who loves to geek out about what’s on telly as much as actually watching it, then this official accompanying podcast is right up your street.

Before the winners are announced on May 12 at the glitzy Royal Festival Hall event, host Alex Zane is taking listeners behind the scenes in this eight-episode series, with a string of industry guests delving into the ingredients for making great TV and chatting through some of the past year’s small screen highlights.

It kicked off with TV expert Scott Bryan and soaps journalist Sharon Marshall chatting through the daytime, soap and reality categories. This week, live event and sports coverage is put under the spotlight, with Zane joined by Heat magazine’s entertainment editor Boyd Hilton and Cat Lewis, exec producer at TV company Nine Lives.

The trio chew over some of the past year’s sports coverage wins for a lively 45 minutes. Whether you’re a TV sports mega fan or just in it for the showbiz goss, you’ll be well versed on the nominees come awards night.

(By Abi Jackson)

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