Nick Viall says Corinne Olympios topless moment was 'really uncomfortable' (Getty)
Nick Viall says Corinne Olympios topless moment was 'really uncomfortable' (Getty)

Former Bachelor Nick Viall says topless pool moment with Corinne Olympios was 'really uncomfortable'

He says he didn't want Olympios to feel 'stupid or vulnerable or judged'

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Tuesday 01 September 2020 18:58

Former Bachelor star Nick Viall has revealed he was “really uncomfortable” when contestant Corinne Olympios removed her bikini top on a group date during his 2017 season.

During the episode, which saw the contestants take part in pretend wedding photo shoots with Viall, Olympios decided to take her top off for her pool pictures with the Bachelor.

After the clip was featured Monday on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever, Viall recalled how he felt about the moment in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

"It was really uncomfortable, it sucked," he said. "I mean, I'm all sex positive and all that stuff,'re in a tough spot, right?"

"I was literally 10 feet from the rest of the women, they were watching. And I also recognise that Corinne was taking a risk. Whether I agreed with it or not, I didn't want her to feel stupid or vulnerable or judged," Viall continued. "So, you're really stuck between a rock and a hard place, so to speak.

“It wasn't my favourite moment,” he added.

However, the encounter didn’t stop Viall from continuing to choose Olympios until the final four, which he said he is “proud” of.

“I'm proud, in a weird way, I took someone like Corinne far,” the 39-year-old told the outlet. “I don't think in other seasons some of those women would have gone as far because I think sometimes, especially The Bachelor, feels like you're being judged. You play it safe, so to speak. I've never played it safe and I think that made for a really good season."

The former Bachelor also said overall he has positive memories from the reality dating show.

"I actually had pretty good memories [from the show]," he said. "It was a positive season overall and I guess I'm flattered to be in the greatest-of-all-time lineup."

This is not the first time Viall has opened up about feeling uncomfortable with Olympios’ actions during the show’s 21st season.

After the first episode, he shared his first impressions in a blog post for People, where he wrote: “Corinne was a woman who certainly brought her confidence that night. When she came back for a second conversation, I was a little surprised but at the same time I respected the assertiveness.

Nick Viall says topless moment with Corinne was 'really uncomfortable' (ET)

“When I realised that Corinne came back to grab that first kiss I was pretty nervous about it. Out of respect for the other women I didn’t want to do it in a place where they could see, but at the same time I didn’t want to make Corinne feel uncomfortable or regret taking a chance.”

However, according to Viall, he appreciated the 28-year-old’s confidence.

“I appreciated Corinne being confident enough to take a chance and put her relationship with me above everything else,” he wrote.

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