Woman listening to podcast
Woman listening to podcast

7 of the best podcasts about relationships

Reflect on a strange year for love and dating with these spirit-lifting listens.

Liz Connor
Thursday 08 April 2021 16:00

There’s no doubt that the modern dating world is a thoroughly terrifying place.

If you’re not being ghosted or ‘breadcrumbed’ by a person you wrongly assumed was on the same page as you, you might be in the confusing stage of chatting to a bunch of different people and not really knowing how you can take it to the next level in the middle of a global pandemic.

If this sounds like a familiar scenario, then what you really need is a podcast.

When all your mates are happily coupled up and can’t relate, listening to other people who are in the same weird single boat can be a massive source of comfort and reassurance through what’s been a very strange year. So click on the kettle and get stuck into these therapeutic listens…

1. Millennial Love

Hosted by journalist Olivia Petter, Millennial Love weighs in on some of the meatier topics that dominate the contemporary dating landscape, from sexuality and identity to emerging trends like ‘situationships’ and catfishing. In each episode, Petter is joined by an excellent array of guests including Raven Smith, Gina Martin and Sara Pascoe.

2. Savage Lovecast

America’s most popular agony uncle Dan Savage answers listeners’ weird and wonderful questions about sex in this addictive listen. Savage’s sex advice column first appeared in Seattle’s alternative newspaper The Stranger in the early 90s, and it’s since evolved into one of the internet’s best loved podcasts. Recent dating woes include a man who was blocked by his partner on social media after a fight, and a gay man who’s new boyfriend wants to wait to have sex until marriage.

3. Shagged, Married, Annoyed

This banter-filled podcast, hosted by Chris Ramsey and his presenter wife Rosie, explores all those little details that make relationships so unique – from dealing with a partner’s loveable quirks to the inevitable arguments and annoyances that come from being married parents. Even if you’re single, you’ll still have a good laugh listening to the Ramseys poking fun at the ups and downs of married life.

4. Guys we F*****

This unapologetic podcast comes from New York comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher. The hilarious duo launched the podcast in 2013, initially interviewing guys they’d slept with to ask how they could become better partners. Described as an ‘anti-slut-shaming’ podcast by the show’s hosts, GWF is a super sex-positive listen that’s as fierce as it is filthy – and no topic or taboo is off limits.

5. Why Won’t You Date Me?

Comedian Nicole Byer is hilarious, smart and beautiful – so why doesn’t anyone want to date her? And why has she been single for decades? That’s the eternal question that the popular pod host explores with guests each week, while also deviating into other topical conversations about love, sex and relationships. Recent guests include Tiffany Haddish, Randy Jackson and drag queen Alaska.

6. Gayish

Being gay and single can mean facing a whole host of societal stereotypes. In this award-winning podcast, Mike Johnson and Kyle Getz talk about a different gay stereotype each episode, from loving musicals to wearing rubber as a kink. The hosts say that the podcast is both for gay listeners who “don’t have their own gay gaggle” or those who just want to learn more about the queer community.

7. Modern Love

Based on the weekly New York Times column for the same name, Modern Love is a gorgeous meditation on love that’s full of real dating stories from everyday people. Every week, a story is plucked from the archive of columns, and a notable actor is tasked with reading it out loud. It’s a simple format but one that’s full of heartbreak and happiness. This podcast has been around for a while so there are hundreds of episodes to binge through if you’re looking for a new obsession.