Oprah Winfrey says US is at ‘true tipping point’ over systemic racism

‘Where do we go from here?’ asks talkshow host

Olivia Petter
Wednesday 10 June 2020 11:54 BST
Ophrah Winfrey says US is at a 'true tipping point' over systemic racism

Oprah Winfrey has said that the US is at a “true tipping point” with regards to systemic racism.

Speaking on her new YouTube series, Own Spotlight, on which the legendary talkshow host has conversations with black visionaries and activists, Winfrey explained why the Black Lives Matter movement is so seminal.

“We find our nation on a precipice, a true tipping point,” she said.

“And just like all of you for the past few weeks I’ve been talking and zooming with friends and the same question keeps popping up.

“Is this the moment that will finally change our country where people recognise systemic racism for the problem and the evil that it is? Where do we go from here and what is it that we really want?”

Winfrey added that nothing will change until “we acknowledge the hurt and the pain which we have all seen and have felt as visceral”.

Own Spotlight features interviews with people including director Ava DuVernay and actor David Oyelowo.

In the first episode, which aired on Wednesday, DuVernay addressed the protests that have arisen around the globe after the killing of George Floyd and the circumstances that have led to them.

“No one’s talking about the economic inequalities that may lead people to want to go through a glass door to get a pair of shoes,” she said.

“No one’s talking about the systems that encompass all of the actions that we’re seeing.

“If you’re concerned with the murder of black people by police, to be deterred or shifted because someone is taking a pair of jeans from a Target, then you’ve got to look at how much you cared about the murder of the black people by the police to begin with.”

DuVernay added that the system is not “broken” with regards to racism.

“It was built this way. It was built to function exactly as it is,” she said.

“So, I feel it’s just disingenuous for us as a society to suddenly act as if we’re horrified when everyone has participated in it, benefited from it, not for years. Decades. Centuries.”

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