Oscar Isaac explains viral PDA red carpet moment with Jessica Chastain

The actor compared himself and Chastain to flatworms

Maanya Sachdeva
Thursday 11 August 2022 08:52 BST
Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac at Venice Film Festival

Oscar Isaac has addressed the viral moment he shared with his Scenes From A Marriage co-star Jessica Chastain at the series’ red carpet premiere last year.

Both actors walked the red carpet together at the Venice Film Festival in 2021 to promote the American remake of the 1973 Swedish miniseries.

While posing for photos, Isaac appeared to stroke Chastain’s arm before leaning into her shoulder. Chastain, in turn, gave him a hug and cradled his face with both hands while the two smiled and laughed together.

The scene went viral and was even slowed down on video, as social media users marveled at the actors’ chemistry and friendship.

Nearly a year later, Isaac has explained the red carpet moment during an appearance on SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show on Wednesday (10 August), when he compared the actors to flatworms.

When asked about the red carpet premiere, the Moon Knight actor said: “You know, you can cut them into like a hundred pieces and they will grow a whole new worm out of the little piece.

“So they’re basically kind of immortal, and they’ve been doing work at the cellular level where they’re seeing that the cells kind of talk to each other through electricity and kind of decide, ‘Okay you’re going to make the head.’ ‘All right, I’m going to make the tail’...They’re communicating through some sort of like electro kind of magnetic situation.

“And like if you interfere with these [worms], you can make them grow two heads. And they’ll continue to do that... This is not DNA, this is just at a cellular level, and that’s how Jessica and I kind of talk to each other. We’re just like, little flatworms,” the 43-year-old actor continued.

He added: “Maybe we should use more actual human language to talk instead of sniffing an armpit and doing things like that.

“That’s kind of what starts to happen and no matter how much we annoy each other, no matter what happens, it’s like, when you get us together, it’s just other stuff that’s going on that is making us grow two heads,” he concluded.

Oscar-winner Chastain herself reacted to the viral clip on Twitter last year, sharing a screenshot of Morticia Addams with her husband Gomez leaning into the crook of her arm, in a stance mirroring Isaac’s in the red carpet video.

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