Two friends after an argument
Two friends after an argument

6 things you’ll understand if you’ve fallen out with your household during lockdown

Because simmering social tension is just what this pandemic needed.

Luke Rix-Standing
Friday 05 March 2021 16:00

There’s no good time for fall out with your housemates, but lockdown is definitely a bad time.

Here’s a few things you’ll understand if you’ve had household troubles during the pandemic…

1. Individual rooms become fortresses

Passive aggression has claimed your communal spaces and the virus has claimed everywhere else, so your room becomes a refuge – a stronghold against tension and awkwardness. The kitchen is the traditional forum for the airing of domestic grievances, so expect lots of petty comments-slash-post-it-notes about fridge space and washing up.

2. There’s no easy way out right now

There’s no law against moving house during lockdown. But there are several situational stipulations that complicate it, and between estate agents, house viewings, and other assorted risks, there’s plenty of reason to demur.

3. People are probably being unusually unreasonable

Some lockdowns are worse than others, but no one is having an amazing pandemic. You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to see people can be sadder, angrier, less logical, and more confrontational amid lockdown’s strains and stresses. It goes without saying that includes your housemates, but it’s worth remembering it probably goes for you too.

4. You can’t just ignore it

If you’ve really crossed the Rubicon with someone, every little thing they do starts to annoy you. Your friends say you should try keeping to yourselves for a while, but they are literally on the other side of a wall.

5. It’s the wrong season for it

During a domestic argument, a long walk is good for the soul. You can rant on the phone without eavesdroppers, get a bit of much-needed me time, and burn off the frustrations of national claustrophobia. At the moment, you can also freeze your fingers off.

6. The tension can be unbearable

Your home should be your safe space, whoever you are and wherever you live. Be kind to yourself. Tense lockdowns are undeniably hard. But just think, come BBQ season we’ll likely be free, and all this drama will (hopefully) be forgotten.