Blogger reveals how becoming a parent changes you for the better

'Enjoy the younger years but know the best ones are yet to come'

Sarah Young
Friday 19 January 2018 12:27 GMT

Like it or not, parenthood changes you.

You lose out on sleep, visits to the hairdressers become a distant memory and your date nights are numbered.

But one woman is here to tell you why that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Taking to Facebook, blogger Nikki Pennington penned a powerful post sharing side-by-side images of herself pre and post-children.

Recalling what life was like before she became a mother, Pennington says the ‘old’ her “had endless time to get ready, put on makeup and fix her hair.”

But since becoming a mum, the 30-something blogger says life has changed dramatically.

Now, clothes shopping means heading straight for the yoga pants section, wearing make-up is used merely to conceal how little sleep she’s had and a trip to supermarket feels like a girl’s night out.

However, Pennington says she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I honestly don’t miss her, the old me, the one before I became a mom,” she writes.

“She had no clue how to Netflix and chill, she was always on the go, always much too busy.

“She blew money on makeup and clothes and fancy dinners and nights out with friends.”

The young mother urges women to enjoy their free time as much as they can before having children, adding that “one day you will look back and realise how truly different life was, before kids.”

But, instead of listing a roster of negative fallouts, Pennington assures that, while life certainly changes, it’s for the better.

“You’ll realise you never knew the true meaning of friendship, until you see someone love your kids as much as they love their own, or the ones who turn a blind eye to those laundry piles.

“One day, you will understand why that mom you always saw (you once thought was so lame), was eating alone at a restaurant while you were with your friends; you will get it that sometimes, eating alone is the best thing of all.

“Enjoy the younger years—but know that the best ones, are yet to come!“

The heartfelt post evidently struck a chord with followers, gaining more than 7,000 reactions, 1,000 shares and hundreds of comments from parents who agreed.

“I used to carry 14 lipsticks/lipglosses in my makeup bag and have time to apply makeup before kids,” one person wrote.

“Now, I have diapers, pull ups, tractors, socks, snacks, wipes, and other parent friendly items.

“I don’t miss the old me either—it took us 12 long years to be blessed with children. One thing I do miss is a good night's sleep.”

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