Photographer goes viral after complaining that ‘Karen’ ruined his shot: ‘Rage filled my body’

A wedding photographer called a woman a ‘Karen’ after she walked into a photo of a couple kissing as a plane flew overhead

Meredith Clark
New York
Thursday 27 April 2023 07:27 BST
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A wedding photographer has blamed a “Karen” for ruining a couple’s perfect wedding shot, but social media users seem to disagree.

Duminciuc Bogdan, a wedding photographer and videographer, went viral on TikTok when he shared a video of a bystander walking into what would’ve been a picture-perfect shot. In the video, which has nearly 27 million views, a bride and groom are seen posing for a photoshoot on a pier in Corfu, Greece.

As Bogdan snapped photos of the married couple, an airplane flew above their heads and the photographer attempted to take a picture of the unexpected moment. He instructed the couple to kiss just as the plane was in the frame, but just then a woman walking her dog photobombed the special moment.

“I was trying to get a shot with the couple and the airplane and Karen here decided to ruin our shot,” he wrote over the clip. The photographer can also be heard complaining about the woman interrupting their shot in the background, saying: “Oh, come on. Come on.”

The video received 26.8m since it was posted, but many people in the comments section were divided over whether the bystander actually ruined the couple’s wedding shot. Many TikTok users agreed that the woman should’ve waited until the photographer was able to capture the photo before continuing to walk her dog.

“My anger issues could NEVER,” commented one user.

“Doesn’t matter if it’s a wedding or just a tourist. You can wait one second for a photo to be taken,” another user said.

“The rage that filled my body after watching this,” said someone else.

However, others suggested that the so-called “Karen” may not have noticed they were taking the photo, or believed that they would pause the photoshoot for the plane passing by.

“At first glance I would assume that a plane would ruin a shot anyway so I’d rush through when it’s in the frame,” said one user.

“I bet she was waiting for a while and had enough,” someone else wrote. “It’s public space. Respect goes both ways and as you see there is no other route for her.”

“Maybe she had been waiting for a while and figured it was good time to pass thinking they wouldn’t want an EasyJet plane in their wedding pic,” a third user commented.

Recently, another wedding photographer went viral on TikTok when she revealed that a bride had asked if she would photograph her destination wedding free of charge in exchange for “travel and lodging” for their Mexico nuptials.

In the video, the photographer shared a screenshot of the email that she received from the bride saying she was looking for someone willing to “exchange services of photography/videography for flight/resort/transportation”.

“To photograph and film the wedding, in exchange for travel and lodging at the resort,” the email continued, with the bride explaining that “ideally,” she would like to cover just the hotel, which includes all-inclusive drinks and food, in exchange for the photography services.

Many viewers were horrified by the bride’s request and pointed out her “audacity” for asking the photographer to cover the expenses of their own services. “That’s an offer you give to a cousin or something, not a professional vendor,” one person commented, while another said: “The audacity of people always astonishes me…”

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