Piers Morgan responds to 'lady-friendly' Doritos launch by smashing up a bag on live TV

'What are you thinking of with this pile of nonsense?'

Sarah Young
Tuesday 06 February 2018 14:14
Piers Mogan smashes packet of Doritos on Good Morning Britain in protest of company announcing new female crisps

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan smashed a bag of Doritos on live television all in the name of female empowerment.

Discussing the brand’s plans to launch crisps specially designed for women with co-hosts Susanna Reid and Charlotte Hawkins, Morgan branded the idea “ridiculous” and “a pile of nonsense.”

The presenter began by introducing the idea behind Doritos’ new ‘lady-friendly’ crisps explaining that they will make less of a crunch noise when you eat them, and will be smaller in size so that the packet can fit inside a handbag.

To put the idea that women don’t like to eat loudly to the test, Morgan held a microphone to the mouths of his female co-hosts as they ate the snack declaring, “Here’s how you eat Doritos. We don’t want lady Doritos!

“They want equality. They want the same size Doritos as men. They want to eat them in the same noisy way as men.”

Mid-rant, Morgan directed the microphone towards the packet of crisps before bashing it repeatedly.

“This is what we do to Doritos,” he said.

During the outburst, the opinionated broadcaster also criticised Doritos boss Indra Nooyi for thinking that the new range would in any way progress feminism or women’s rights.

“Indra, shame on you. You are one of the great women of the world. What are you thinking of with this pile of nonsense?” he added.

Morgan was praised by viewers on Twitter who seemed to agree with what he was saying.

“This is rubbish I don't want a smaller bag or less crunchy crisps. I shall make as much noise as I wish when eating,” one person wrote.

Another added, “Never thought I would say this but ‘I am starting to like you Mr Morgan.’”

However, in an interesting turn of events it seems that the launch might not even make it to the shelves after all.

This comes after new laws introduced by the Advertising Standards Authority which ban gender stereotyping in adverts come into force later this year.

As such Doritos’ new product would not be allowed to be marketed as ladies’ crisps in the UK.

Speaking of the launch a spokesperson for PepsiCo told The Independent: "We already have Doritos for women – they’re called Doritos, and they’re enjoyed by millions of people every day.

"At the same time, we know needs and preferences continue to evolve and we’re always looking for new ways to engage and delight our consumers."

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