Piers Morgan faces backlash for ‘misogynistic’ remarks over Emily Ratajkowski’s Oscars dress

The TalkTV presenter said Ratajkowski and Euphoria star Hunter Schafer looked ‘like a bunch of strippers’

Ellie Muir
Saturday 18 March 2023 11:42 GMT
Piers Morgan thanks Meghan in acceptance speech at Sports Journalism Awards

Piers Morgan has faced backlash after criticising model Emily Ratajkowski’s outfit worn to an Oscars afterparty on Sunday (12 March).

Speaking on the latest instalment of his TalkTV show Piers Morgan Uncensored, Morgan, 57, criticised Emily Ratajkowski, 31, and Euphoria star Hunter Schafer, 24, over their Oscars outfits.

“This is not what the Oscars is supposed to be about – where’s the glamour in this?” asked Morgan. “This is like a bunch of strippers.”

He added: “By the way, I have no problem with strippers but not at the Oscars.”

“Look at the Oscars back in the fifties. It’s a completely different vibe.”

Morgan continued: “The great thing about the old stars was that they didn’t feel that desperation first to be noticed, they didn’t need it. Now it’s all like look at my naked flesh, not even look at my talent and my glamour and my beauty.”

Turning his attention to Ratajkowski, who wore a sheer Feben dress with bodice detailing over her chest, he said: “What is Emily Ratajkowski doing there anyway? How does she qualify to be anywhere near an Oscars party? She turned up in more clothes than she normally wears – ie not very many – but what’s she doing there?”

Ratajkowski wore a sheer Feben dress with bodice detailing over her chest (Getty Images)

The TV presenter has come under fire from viewers who have branded the remarks as “misogynistic”.

“Why do they allow this level of casual misogyny to air?” wrote one viewer.

“When a man (falsely) thinks he has the right to say what women – but not men – can wear to the Oscars it can be sexism,” another wrote, adding: “However, if any man compares them to strippers to shame women, as if strippers are ‘less than’ (they’re not), that may be misogyny.”

Another wrote: “Always creating controversy to stay relevant. He is better ignored.”

It comes weeks after Morgan name-checked Meghan Markle during his acceptance speech at the Sports Journalism Awards.

Hunter Schafer wore an Ann Demeulemeester design to the 95th Academy Awards (Getty Images for Vanity Fair)

Morgan received the Scoop of the Year award at the ceremony on Monday evening (6 March), for his interview with Cristiano Ronaldo.

While acknowledging those who’d contributed to him getting the accolade, the broadcaster decided to mention Markle as a person responsible for his success.

“I’d also like to thank Meghan Markle, without whom there wouldn’t be a TalkTV Piers Morgan Uncensored,” he told the crowd.

According to journalists at the event, this remark was met with groans and other audible expressions of discomfort.

Morgan has been a long-time critic of Meghan Markle and left his anchor position at Good Morning Britain after he was heavily criticised for his comments on her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Independent has contacted TalkTV and representatives of Morgan for comment.

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