Royal Wedding: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first interview

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's first interview analysed by body language expert

'She is comfortable being strong with him'

Olivia Petter@oliviapetter1
Tuesday 28 November 2017 17:59

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle finally announced their engagement yesterday.

After weeks of speculation, the pair made their first public appearance as an engaged couple in a photo call at the Sunken Garden in Kensington Palace – experts have been quick to analyse their behaviour.

While Judi James told Mail Online that the Prince “looked terribly awkward”, body language expert Patti Wood told The Independent that his movements showed a “deep affection” and desire to be close to his future wife.

James claimed that Markle appeared “confident” and “informal” in comparison to her “terribly shy” husband-to-be.

While Wood explained that the future Duchess comes across as "comfortable" and self-assured in the Prince's company, she claims that the couple seem perfectly suited to one another.

“Significantly, throughout the interview Markle keeps turning her full head towards him to gaze at him,” she said.

She added that their body language seemed particularly intimate when the two discussed the story of how the Prince proposed.

“Notice how his head tilts toward her to show his desire to connect and be seen as couple answering the question not just have it be his story.

“The very next question she jumps in and answers, but again turns to check in with him.

“I just love how they each have power and how they each check in with each other in a very nice dance,” she continued.

Another sweet moment between the couple was when they described their first meeting.

“As she talks about the blind date, she also gestures with her free hand as well,” Wood points out.

“See how they both turn their heads and go into a long mutual gaze to recall the moment they met together? They relive it right in front of us, it’s lovely.

“Next he huffs, intakes a breath and says: 'I am really going to have to up my game.' And she keeps looking on and smiling and laughing.”

The photo call was also the first time Markle had been pictured wearing her engagement ring: a yellow gold princess-cut featuring diamonds from Botswana and the late Princess Diana’s personal jewellery collection.

The Prince reportedly designed the stunning piece of jewellery himself.

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