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Rihanna reveals why having two sons helps her embrace being a woman

‘It forces me to embrace the epic things about being a woman,’ Rihanna says about being a mother of two boys

Amber Raiken
New York
Tuesday 30 April 2024 19:34 BST
Rihanna gushes over being a ‘boy mom’

Rihanna has revealed how being a mother of two boys has encouraged her to embrace her femininity.

During an interview with E! News at an event for Fenty Beauty on Friday 26 April, the 36-year-old singer spoke about the joys of being a parent to her two children – RZA, one, and Riot, eight months – who she shares with partner A$AP Rocky.

While Rihanna is the only female in her family of four, she still expressed that it’s “really cool to be a boy mom”, since her children ultimately inspire her to be the woman she is.

“I get to be as casual and busted as I want to, but it also forces me to embrace the epic things about being a woman, and a female and all my femininity,” she said. “I embrace it so much more now, like I wear pink.”

The “Diamonds” singer also quipped about how her style is different from her sons and husband, continuing: “I go between wearing jerseys and like, ‘I’m wearing a dress today! I’m the only one in this house who can do that right now.’”

Rihanna continued to acknowledge how her boys have had an influence on her, noting that they “highlight” all the things she enjoys about being a woman and mother.

“Because I’m the one that can experience all of that in the house – giving birth to them, carrying them, being a partner with Rocky and running the household and the family. It’s new territory, but it’s empowering,” she added.

Rihanna’s comments about her children come just weeks before RZA turns two.

The pop star first announced she was pregnant for a second time during her Super Bowl halftime show in February 2023.

She’s since opened up about some of her approaches to being a mother to boys. During an interview with Vogue China in March, she addressed how her children could be shaped by different world views when they get older, as hairstyles like braids have been a part of Rihanna and her partner’s culture.

“In fact, the father of the child, Rocky, is also like this. Yeah, it’s historically significant and makes us realise where we’ve come from,” she said about the rapper, who she’s been dating since 2021. “This is our lost history. I really learned a lot being around him, but even with him, he wore his hair in pigtails.”

She went on to emphasise that, as braids were embraced by her ancestors, she knew that she wanted her sons to have them as well.

“It’s just a thing of the past. Like I immediately wanted my son to have his hair braided. Yes, I know, it’s something in our blood,” she said.

Rihanna has also spoken openly about the clothes she chooses for her children. During an interview with British Vogue in March 2023, she expressed how she likes to dress RZA in unexpected ways.

“I like to dress him in things that don’t look like baby clothes. I like to push it. I put him in floral stuff. I put him in hot pink. I love that. I think that fluidity in fashion is best. I always shop in the men’s department, you know,”

The Fenty Beauty founder also revealed that she has many of her baby clothes custom-made because she finds most children’s clothes to be on the boring side.

“When you come up with something in your head, half the time it is not available because kids’ clothes are so... they’re sooo boring. I’m like, ‘This is what y’all been doing to these people’s kids all along?’” she said.

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