Robbie Williams says he ‘could’ve dropped dead’ from mercury poisoning after eating fish twice a day

‘I’ve got the highest mercury poisoning the doctor has ever seen,’ claims the singer

Olivia Petter
Thursday 17 December 2020 10:16 GMT
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Robbie Williams has revealed that he suffered from severe mercury poisioning due to a fish-heavy diet.

Speaking on Radio X, the singer explained how he was told by his doctor that he could have “dropped dead” due to the illness.

“I was eating fish twice a day and I’ve got the highest mercury poisoning the doctor has ever seen," he said.

The 46-year-old singer went on to say how his competitive nature meant he relished the diagnosis.

“Do you know what I thought when I heard that? ‘I’ve won!’ That’s how my ego works, ‘I’ve got the highest… did you say the highest? Thank you.’ I literally won the mercury award,” he teased.

Williams added that he’s grateful to his wife, Ayda Field, who convinced him to get his mercury levels tested.

“I got my mercury tested because my wife’s neurotic and she gets all sorts of tests all the time," he said.

“Anyway, thank God, cos I could’ve dropped dead of mercury and arsenic poisoning.”

Williams revealed that he has since transitioned to a plant-based diet and cut fish from his meals completely.

“I went plant-based the next day,” he said of the day after he saw the doctor.

The NHS does not issue specific limits on how much fish you should eat - although does recommend at least two portions a week - and says some fish are higher in mercury than others.

These include: swordfish, marlin, tuna, and oily fish, such as salmon.

It does however give specific advice for pregnant women, which is that they should not eat more than two portions of oily fish each week.

“This is because pollutants found in oily fish may build up in the body and affect the future development of a baby in the womb,” the NHS adds.

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