Meghan Markle uses body language techniques to make speeches more memorable, expert says

Judi James describes royal as ‘charismatic and talented keynote speaker’

Sarah Young
Saturday 07 March 2020 14:22
Meghan and Harry are back for final flurry of royal duties

A body language expert has revealed the surprising techniques the Duchess of Sussex uses to help make her public appearances more memorable.

As an actor, activist and member of the royal family, Meghan Markle has delivered a number of public speeches to help raise awareness of the foundations, projects, and charities that mean the most to her.

Many of Meghan’s speeches have gone on to make headlines for being “powerful” and “inspiring”, and while much of this is due to her articulate phrasing, communication and body language expert Judi James says the royal also uses non-verbal cues to make more of an impact.

“Meghan is a charismatic and talented keynote speaker who had honed her skills well before she met Harry and adopted a royal title,” Ms James told the Daily Express.

“It’s easy to assume she draws from her skills as an actress, but in my experience very few actors make great presenters.”

After analysing a number of Meghan’s recent speeches, Ms James suggested Meghan uses “pauses and variations in vocal tone” to make her messages more clear and memorable.

The expert also stated the royal uses eye contact to create engagement with her audience.

“Meghan uses strong eye-scanning and eye contact to imply shared bonds and even friendship,” Ms James explained.

“She also uses her eye expressions to add emphasis, raising her brows and using eye-smiles to create rapport.”

As Meghan and Prince Harry prepare to step down from their formal roles, many have speculated that the couple could turn their hands to a career in public speaking.

If so, Ms James said Harry might want to practice his delivery and even take note of the techniques Meghan uses during her appearances.

“If Harry is going to forge his own money-making career away from the privileged and cosseted world he grew up in as a prince, public speaking is clearly going to be high on his agenda,” Ms James explained.

“Top speakers can draw huge audiences and earn thousands or even millions per gig. Whoever they are and however big their name, they will still all have one thing in common: they are very powerful orators who are hugely skilled at delivering their messages.

“Meghan uses some powerful communication skills that Harry might need to learn quickly if he’s not going to find his bookings fade along with the memory of his royal title.”

On Thursday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made their first official joint public appearance since announcing their decision to step back as senior members of the royal family at the Endeavour Fund Awards.

During the ceremony, the couple handed out awards honouring honour wounded or injured military veterans who use sports or athletics to aid in recovery.

Meghan presented the Celebrating Excellence Award to Lee Spencer, who became the world’s first physically disabled person to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America solo and unsupported.

As she took to the stage, the duchess said: “Good evening everybody, it’s very nice to be back.

“It’s the third year that I’ve had the incredible fortune of joining my husband here, and as you all know, I can feel that it is just the most inspiring space.

“I will say, when we were watching the videos [of nominees] all the way in Canada, we had the same moment as you: ‘How are you gonna choose? [sic]’, so we’ve done our best and I’m very pleased to announce the winner, who is Lee Spencer.”

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