The ‘cheeky’ gift from Prince Louis that put a spring in King Charles’ step

The tie is reported to be a gift from dinosaur-loving Louis

Emma Guinness
Friday 03 May 2024 08:13 BST
King Charles diagnosed with cancer and undergoing treatment

King Charles shared a sign that he had a real “spring in his step” on his return to public duty yesterday (30 April).

The King, 75, subtly let royal fans know that he is feeling good by wearing a pink T-rex tie – reportedly a gift from one of his grandchildren – on his visit to a cancer treatment centre in London.

According to commentators, it is likely a gift from Prince Louis, six, who reportedly has a penchant for dinosaurs.

Royal expert Robert Hardman told the MailOnline: “His tie said it all. It has been a favourite since he became King, appearing on away days, at Palace receptions and even a trip to church.

“Featuring a blue dinosaur pattern on a pink silk background, it is a cheeky play on his official ‘Charles III Rex’ cypher. Staff know that when ‘C-Rex’ is wearing his ‘T-Rex’ tie, he probably has a spring in his step.”

The word ‘Rex’ is Latin for ‘King’.

The Monarch returned to work after it was announced last week that he has made sufficient “progress” in his cancer treatment.

The King’s choice of tie was reportedly a good sign
The King’s choice of tie was reportedly a good sign (Getty Images)

He spent around an hour at the University College Hospital Macmillan Cancer Centre with Queen Camilla and met with patients, their families and staff.

The visit was designed to not only raise awareness of the impact cancer can have on people’s lives but also to highlight the importance of early detection.

The event also marked King Charles’s first day as the new Patron of Cancer Research UK.

While on the visit, he opened up about his own journey with the disease to fellow patients, admitting that his diagnosis came as a “shock”.

He also explained that after returning to work yesterday morning, he was continuing with his treatment in the afternoon.

He said: “I’ve got to have my treatment this afternoon as well.”

The King empathised with fellow cancer patients on his return to duty
The King empathised with fellow cancer patients on his return to duty (REUTERS)

The King’s ongoing battle with the illness means that he will not be undertaking a full summer schedule and precautions are being taken where necessary to avoid over-exerting him.

However, the presence of his beloved pink dinosaur tie certainly suggests that he is feeling hopeful about the future.

A royal aide revealed: “He also wants to show it is possible to work with cancer, although he appreciates that everyone has their own journey and it is not for everyone.”

While undertaking yesterday’s visit, the King also took the opportunity to reassure the public that he was feeling “well”.

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