Prince Harry’s underwear from infamous Las Vegas trip put up for auction by former stripper

The former dancer claims she partied with Prince Harry during his Las Vegas trip in 2012 when he handed her the pair of black pants

Meredith Clark
New York
Monday 08 August 2022 16:35 BST
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A former stripper is auctioning off a pair of black underwear she claims Prince Harry handed to her during his infamous Las Vegas night out in August 2012.

Carrie Reichert, who goes by the name Carrie Royale, claimed she was at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas hotel with the Duke of Sussex nearly 10 years ago when images of a naked Prince Harry were leaked to the press. Reichert, 43, said she wants the black pants to be a reminder of the old “fun Harry” before he became “a bore”. The former dancer will auction off the pants – as well as the dress and swimsuit she wore at the time – starting at $10,000.

The naked pictures of Prince Harry, who was 27 years old at the time, showed the young royal reportedly playing “strip billiards” at a party in his VIP suite at the Wynn hotel when a fellow partygoer snapped the images. Reichert told The Mirror that the duke was “naked and playing air guitar with a pool cue” when she joined them in the hotel suite. According to TMZ, Reichert kept his black pants from that night and expects the winning bid could reach up to $1m. The outlet reported that part of the proceeds for the auction will go to Harry and Meghan’s charity, Archewell.

A representative for Reichert told The Mirror: “Harry has become such a bore, it’s a real shame. When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his sense of fun. At least these pants are a reminder of what he used to be like…when Harry was the fun prince.”

The bidding starts this Thursday at 10.30pm PT at $10,000. If the bidding reaches $800,000, the winner will also receive a vintage three-litre bottle of 1996 Dom Pérignon Rose wrapped in 24 karat gold, which is valued at over $200k.

In May 2021, Prince Harry addressed the naked pictures leak during an appearance on The Armchair Expert podcast hosted by Dax Shepherd. The 37-year-old royal joked that at least he “wasn’t running down the Strip, stripping or naked” during his Las Vegas trip.

Shepherd explained to Prince Harry at the start of the podcast that he was “really excited” to meet him because all he knew about the royal was “in those awesome nude photos in Vegas,” Shepherd said said. “And I literally said to myself, ‘This guy’s a party!’”

Prince Harry replied: “You’re constantly looking for other people to sort of balance out your own behaviour, right?”

Speaking about the pictures, Prince Harry explained that they were taken a few weeks before he went on tour in Afghanistan. “So much for keeping it quiet,” he joked, adding: “At least I wasn’t running down the Strip, stripping or naked.”

However, Prince Harry used the opportunity to speak about one of the issues he’s passionate about – mental health. The duke explained to Shepherd that being told he needed help while he was struggling with his mental health made him feel as though he was “unwell”.

“Rule number one is, when you feel as though someone needs help, don’t tell them that to their face,” he said.

“Telling someone they need help is more likely to make them say, ‘no I don’t’ and delay and run away – or go and drink or take drugs or whatever,” he added, before Shepard chimed in: “Take your clothes off in Vegas.”

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