Salt Bae restaurant Nusr-Et may violate New York City health codes

Salt Bae is too hands-on

Chelsea Ritschel
in New York
Tuesday 30 January 2018 19:36 GMT
Viral sensation 'Salt Bae' prepares meat with no gloves at New York restaurant

After being panned by critics, internet sensation Salt Bae may have another issue on his hands with his new New York City restaurant Nusr-Et.

The hands-on chef, who is famously known for his salt-sprinkling technique which incorporates a crooked elbow and his signature sunglasses, may be in violation of New York City’s health code violations.

A fan of using his hands in favour of utensils, the Turkish chef has lured patrons to the new restaurant with his theatrical food preparation, which has received higher praise than the food.

However, it looks like Salt Bae’s days of patting, petting, spanking, and sprinkling the various cuts of meat offered at Nusr-Et may be limited.

According to New York City’s health code, chef Nusret Gökçe’s behaviour may be in violation of article 81 - which states bare hand contact is prohibited.

Under article 81, it states: “Food shall be prepared and served without bare hand contact unless the food will be heated to at least the minimum temperature required under §81.09.

“Convenient and suitable utensils, disposable food grade gloves, waxed paper or an equivalent barrier shall be provided and used to prepare or serve food to eliminate bare hand contact and prevent contamination.

And "gloves must be changed after handling raw foods.”

Judging from the various videos posted on social media of the Insta-famous chef fondling cuts of meat with his bare hands before presenting them to diners, it appears he may be in violation of article 81.

And apart from being a bit gross, using bare hands in the preparation of raw meat can be potentially dangerous.

Raw meat can be a host for bacteria, parasites, and viruses - all of which can cause food poisoning.

So if Salt Bae isn’t meticulously washing his hands before moving on to the next table, he could easily be spreading germs from table to table.

However, it is not immediately clear whether this violation is serious enough to shut down the new restaurant - or whether Salt Bae will simply have to incorporate plastic gloves into his routine.

When The Independent spoke to New York City’s Department of Health regarding the possible health code violation, representatives declined to comment on whether they have received complaints.

Nusr-Et has not responded to requests for comment.

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