Sam Smith embraces body positivity with series of shirtless Instagram photos

The singer recently revealed he identifies as non-binary and genderqueer

Chelsea Ritschel
Tuesday 02 April 2019 20:20
Sam Smith celebrates his 'bloated' body on Instagram

Sam Smith is celebrating his body on Instagram, after years of struggling with body acceptance.

On Monday, the singer shared a shirtless photo of himself with the caption: “Feeling bloated and gross after my flight so thought I’d post a mirror selfie of my sexy bloated boobies coz we are friends. Finally.”

The "Stay With Me" singer followed up with a series of photos and videos on his Instagram story, where he encouraged his followers to do the “bloat dance” with him.

In one of the videos, Smith shows off his runway walk as he dances to Demi Lovato’s "Sorry Not Sorry”.

The English singer and songwriter also referred to himself as a “Bond Girl” in another of the photos from his body positive photo shoot.

In response to Smith’s photos, fans have expressed their support for the singer, who has previously discussed his struggles with body image.

“Confidence looks so good on you,” one person wrote.

Another commented: “Inspiration.”

Smith asked his followers to join him in doing the 'bloat dance' (Instagram)
The singer has previously discussed his issues with body image (Instagram)
Sam Smith shows off his body on Instagram (Instagram) 

In March, Smith revealed during an interview with Jameela Jamil that he has previously experienced a “bit of a war within my body” and that he now identifies as genderqueer and non-binary.

During the interview, which was part of Jamil’s new “I Weigh” series, Smith said that his issues with body confidence began when he was a child, as he was “chubby” and carried extra weight in his chest.

“I had breasts,” Smith said. “I used to get my mum to write a note to the school when I was like eight so I wouldn’t have to go to swimming lessons. So it’s something that’s been in me forever.”

According to Smith, his chest made him so self-conscious that “it was affecting my mood every day,” which eventually lead the singer to get liposuction when he was 12.

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Smith also said his body image issues surrounding his weight have followed him into adulthood, adding: “It’s the basis of all my sadness. Literally everything I’ve ever been sad about is my weight. I struggle with it everyday.”

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