Teen with scalp condition embraces shaved head after being bullied

‘Beauty is not defined by the number of strands on your head’

Sabrina Barr
Friday 02 February 2018 13:20
Teen shaves her head after having wig ripped off in bullying prank

When bullies videoed themselves cruelling tearing Lauren Williams’ wig from her head, she was absolutely devastated.

Williams, a 16-year-old student from Texas, suffers from eczema and psoriasis, which involves having to cope with a dry scalp and hair loss.

Williams usually wears a wig to conceal her condition. However, since the traumatic event took place, she’s decided to defiantly stand up to her bullies by embracing her shaved head.

Williams was consoling a friend in the corridor at school when the culprit ran past and cruelly snatched her wig away, allegedly after being bet $5 (£3.50) to do so.

“It was awful,” she told News Channel 5, as the incident caused chunks of her hair to be torn out.

“My hair was one of my biggest insecurities, so I felt like he had taken my power and I wanted it back.

“Beauty is not defined by the number of strands on your head.”

Williams has since posted photos on Instagram of herself rocking her new shaved head, writing: “Embracing the new look.”

Her first post currently has over 30,000 likes, with thousands of people expressing their admiration for the brave teenager.

Founder of America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks has even taken to social media to discuss how inspiring she finds Williams’ story.

“Lulu, you are strong and you are FIERCE and I want to you continue to be courageously LOUD!” she wrote.

“Girls around the world need warrior queens like you. Tyty loves you Lulu!”

Williams and her family are currently planning on prosecuting the students who took part in the brutal antic that took place at Franklin High School.

Williamson County Schools released a statement on Twitter in regard to the incident.

“The @wcsFHS [Franklin High School] administration and the SRO [School Resource Office] immediately began investigating an incident when it was reported to them Friday,” they wrote.

“This type of behaviour can never be tolerated in school. In addition to school discipline, WCS prosecutes delinquent behaviour to the fullest extent of the law."

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